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Saturday, January 26 2013

Search for Victor in Michigan Continues

Hi everyone but Victor from Michigan!
I seem to have developed a cult following for this Victor guy in Michigan.  I get students calling my office wondering if Victor ever contacted us.
Answer: nope!
It's all very strange, really.
Now I'm starting to think the guy was a figment of my imagination.  I'm sure many of you are thinking the same thing too.
Did you ever watch one of those movies where there was some kind of angel that appeared from nowhere and they are in human form yet they know your name and everything about you?
Well, I'm starting to think that's the story with Victor.
He was some angel that appeared from nowhere, knew my name and a little too much about me, and now he's gone.  Just like that.  Poof!  Vanished into thin air.
After all, it was right before Christmas.
How else can you explain someone like Victor who claimed to read all of my emails and hopefully knows his own name, knows he lives in Michigan...yet never responds to these repeated emails calling out to him by name?
Victor, Victor, Victor...where are you, young man?  Where the **** did you go, dude?  Are you afraid?  What's the deal, man?  Let's talk about it!  Just call my office, guy!  I won't bite.  I promise!
Then I started thinking about the ridiculousness of all this.
Here we have a situation that had about as good a chance in odds as playing the Mega Millions...and winning.  Yet this guy "won" essentially and chooses not to turn in the ticket.
Let me ask you something:
Since most of my students, including you, are really serious about doing something about your financial state of affairs which is why you found me in the first place, why would you go through all that (visit my websites, buy stuff from me, read my emails, generally "deal with me" at all) and yet stop short when the opportunity comes pounding at your door?
It makes not a shred of sense...especially since many of you that have been following this Victor MIA story only wish it was you instead of Victor that met me that day because you would definitely have called me by now.  Right?
So now I'm just annoyed and maybe feeling a bit "dissed."  (Hey, is that still a valid word?)
And maybe that's why Victor is afraid to call.
But if it's any constellation, I won't be the one answering the phone.  Lea will more than likely be answering the phone and everybody knows she's as sweet as pie.  (She won't hurt you, Victor, I promise.  I may hurt you at this point but she won't.)
As for the rest of you, the situation isn't much different if you think about it.
Here I have presented an opportunity to you that I will be doing only once in my lifetime and yet I don't yet have you on the updated roster of enrollees for my upcoming March event in Detroit, Michigan.
I don't know how to be more clear so I'll say this one more time:
My Flipping Frenzy Aggressive Income Cash Flow Event including the Millionaire Meet and Greet where you can meet with my investor partners, get their contact information, and use them to invest in your deals just like they've been doing with me for the past dozen years!
Yet you're going to pass this opportunity're busy that weekend?
What's your excuse?  Tell me.
1)  I'm making this event completely affordable to attend, especially if you enroll before the end of the month.  You can still get my ultra-cheap early-bird deal by going to  No excuse to he had there.
2)  If you need a special payment plan to make it, call Lea or Mayra in my office.  They'll set something special up for you.  Again, no excuse there.
3)  You believe that I'll be doing another one of these events?  Think again.  It's doubtful, at this precise point in time, that I'll be doing anymore events at all let alone another one with investor partners involved.  I've never done an event with investor partners before and I will never do this again.  Period.  No exceptions.
What do investor partners do?  What kinds of deals are they looking for?  My guys are looking at flipping properties, buy-and-hold investments (for a maximum of 5 years before the asset is liquidated), and even buying into business start-ups.  They are looking for SFRs, apartment buildings (small and large), MHPs, self-storage, and commercial-commercial investments.
You see, this is a very unique time.  Investors that have been waiting around are now pulling the trigger as fast as they can since everybody and their mother is now jumping into the real estate investment game.  The fear of prices going lower is gone.  The fear of interest going higher is real.
And everybody now wants to get everything they can before the music stops.
Take advantage while you can.  Make these once-in-a-lifetime contacts because, guaranteed, if you don't come you'll be kicking yourself later.  Guaranteed.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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