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Saturday, January 19 2013
$11,380 in 20 Days!
This is going to rock your world!
I have a student who showed up as a guest at my Vegas event this past October.  Quite honestly, he didn't even want to be there.  He was dragged there by one of my other students who didn't want to go to a 3-day seminar alone.
This student of mine politely and quitely sat through the 3 days of the event.  Nothing seemed to "interest" him much except for one thing...
When my husband Ronnie started talking.
Yes, that was a blow to the old ego but I don't think it necessarily had to do with Ronnie so much as it had to do directly with what he was talking about.
Before the 3-day event started, I was drugged by a roofie.  Many of you remember the story and still to this day I don't feel 100%.  I think it threw my biochemistry off a little bit.
Anyway...I told Ronnie that I needed him to speak on the 2nd day to talk a little bit about how powerful it can be (financially) to think outside of the box.  This was for a couple of different reasons: (1) I wanted people to start thinking about the possibilities, and (2) I needed a break after speaking for 2 solid days while being 1/2 out of it.
So, for an hour, Ronnie spoke about how our health supplement business exploded because of a specific means of distribution that we decided to participate in.
This was the time (I was told) that this one lackluster dragged-to-the-event "student" started to listen intently, took copius notes, and then after the one hour speech, bombarded Ronnie with..."How can I get involved, too?"
This one student and a handful of others wanted to get involved with our business.
And this wasn't planned nor was it the intent of the speech to begin with.  The intent of why I put Ronnie up there was to show everyone how to think beyond the boundaries of mail order and the internet with good old fashioned marketing and distribution.
Several students contacted Ronnie the next week and wanted to get started as distributors in their local areas.
The one student basically twisted Ronnie's arm to get involved right away, bought a quarter case for sales, and went out the next day to market the product to his local area.
Less than 3 weeks later he grossed $11,380.  Of that, he pocketed just under $4,500.  (The rest was for product cost.)
Between when he started (post-Vegas) through December 31st, he grossed a total of $28,625 in which he kept just under $11,400.
Not bad for only doing this a total of 9 weeks and 2 of those weeks were "wasted" because of the holidays.
Since this guy is on a roll, I told him..."Create, package, and sell your own product."  If he did that, he would have been keeping most of the $28,625 for those 9 weeks.  In fact, he would have been able to keep about 85% of it or more than $24,000.
This was around the time that me and Ronnie had a convesation about what would be possible without any overhead.
Say, for example, we started this business in our garage...or garages (since we live in separate households).
Total product cost including the supplement and packaging is around 25 cents per unit.  Yet we turn around and sell each unit for anywhere from $1.50 to $2.00 each.
While those numbers don't seem big at a glance, considering that one single person can easily move 1,200 units per week working 15 hours, suddenly making anywhere from $1.25 to $1.75 per unit can start meaning some big money.  The average would be $1,800 in profits in a week in your pocket.  If you decide to work a "hard" 30 hours in a week, you are looking at pocketing $3,600 per week or $14,400 a month.
Most of you know I keep my numbers realistic and conservative.  These numbers are beyond realistic and conservative; they are attainable for anyone reading this email.
After being bombarded at the October event, I had to put together some kind of training for the select few people that really wanted to do this.  I put together the only manual of its kind including a complete audio seminar and a video on exactly how to do this business, primarily focusing on you developing your own products for maximum profitability.  I also give up a resource directory with all the contacts you'll ever need for a highly successful business.
And you can do this all from your garage or a spare corner in your house.
However, I should warn you: This business is not for everyone.  You have to be a hustler or someone who is willing to work by nature.  This isn't a plan for the lazy ass who wants to play internet poker all day.
If you are a hustler and are willing to work, this is the only one of my Aggressive Income Strategies that you can use to actually make millions of dollars with.  (Most of my Aggressive Income Strategies are for those looking to make a few thousand dollars a week and that's where it caps off!)
For more information on exactly what this is all about, go to
Again, this isn't for everyone but for those of you who want to get involved in doing this, you could actually make millions from this one type of Aggressive Income.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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