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Saturday, January 12 2013
On the Verge of an Explosion!
So...let's just say that I came across some interesting information over the past couple of weeks that I can't tell you about until next week.
(Don't you just love when I keep you in suspense?)
I feel like I'm in a Hollywood movie where I'm some kind of whistleblower for some highly secretive operation that I just uncovered.
Except it's not that serious.  Close...but not quite as 007-ish as I'd like it to be.
(It actually may turn out to be extremely bad for the people I found some "interesting" things about but more what I uncovered next week.)
One thing I do want to mention is that I'm getting really excited about March.  Like all my events, it's going to be a full-blown party.  So expect the usual hard-core education with plenty of fun sprinkled in.
Some of you have been asking for more information about how to flip an apartment building since I mentioned it in my last email to you.  A house is easy.  It's small, quick to rehab, and quick to resell.
But an apartment building?  Flipping it?  Seems intense, doesn't it?  Seems overwhelming.
There's a phenomenon tearing through this country right now.  It's called investors pulling the trigger on every profitable cash flowing deal that makes sense.
Read the sentence above a few more times before reading on.  Go ahead.  Read it.  Again.
Now, there's a "hole" in this market.
Let me explain:
There are a couple of things these investors do not have the luxury of doing and that is...
1)  Buying a vacant or near-vacant building that's not performing at all and/or that needs major rehab.
2)  Buying a building that's underperforming with low occupancy and/or management problems.
The "hole" in the market is that these investors do not have the ability to take advantage of these incredibly lucrative opportunities in rehab and underperforming property deals because they don't have the time or won't get approval from their money partners.
That's where you come in.  Here's how you can cash in on this short-lived opportunity:
1)  Find an underperforming property or a complete gut-to-the-studs rehab job.  This property is preferably 20 to 50 units.
2)  Whip together a simple mini-business plan (and I have a special template for you).  This can include a PowerPoint presentation converted into a PDF file (in additional to the mini-business plan) and a snapshot of your profits on the Cash Flow Evaluator (laid into your biz plan).
And then present your plan to investors that you find online.
Pretty easy, isn't it??
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main 

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