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Thursday, December 20 2012
A Guy Named Victor in Michigan
Yesterday I met a nice young man by the name of Victor while shopping.  Right now I'm in Michigan spending time with my husband's family and looking at property for acquisitions.
And a rare occurrence took place.  I was recognized in public.
It happens here and there but not often.
I didn't have the foresight to give Victor my business card and since he says he reads all my emails, I'm going to give Victor a special prize when he calls into my office.
So, Victor, if you're reading this, call my office and ask for Lea.  She's in the office from 9am to 5pm PST...that's 3 hours behind you.  I already instructed her on what your special prize will be if you can tell her which store we met in and where it's located.
This is what I call synchronicity of the universe.
And it will now be up to Victor on how he chooses to use it.
What's interesting is that Victor said he was just on my website before meeting me.  Victor is ready for a change in his life.  He happened to bump into me.  Think about it: what are the chances?  I live in California.  I happened to be out shopping in a busy mall in Michigan.  (This is something of a pet peeve of mine, shopping in crowded places because my basic motto is "Get it on or Don't Get It at All!")
Since Victor happened to be there at the right time...or maybe it was the other way around...I'm going to give him an opportunity to further the opportunity in his life if he chooses to take it.
This is the universe opening doors for him...because Victor is ready.
Are you ready?
It got me thinking about my students and how many of them have been sitting around thinking about changing certain aspects of their lives, yet they don't for one reason or another.  Yet I have a slew of other students who have decided to make the changes and they've become successful as a result of it, mostly by having a Take-No-Prisoners attitude.
This is the point you need to get in order to have the right follow-through.
The start of a New Year is always a good momentum starting point.  This is when many of us are gung-ho, clutching to a list of "resolutions" that we swear we'll follow through with this time.  Because this year will be different.
This coming year will be different but only if you want it to be.
Unless you believe the end of the world is which case there won't be a 2013 at all.  (Somehow I have a feeling we'll all still be here.)
I've found a single success formula that will always work...but only if you do it.
It's actually compacted into a single word:  Action!
Sometimes your plan may be out of whack and that's okay.  As long as you're pushing through with some kind of action, sometimes other opportunities or directions are presented to you.  Sometimes you alter or tweet the plan and that makes it work.  Sometimes you realize the plan isn't what you wanted after all, in which case you devise another plan and go for that instead.
But none of this can occur until you proceed with action in some direction that best matches your desires right now.
Many of my students ask me where to start.  Of course, the answer changes every 6 - 12 months depending on what is happening with the real estate market and economy.
Right now, my recommendations for the upcoming year is the following provided that you're someone who likes to do things yourself (like I am):
1)  Get your personal and business credit in functioning order.  This will allow you to tap into unsecured lines of credit to purchase apartment buildings, single-family homes, access cash for a business start-up or whatever you want to do.  You can't make a living working for someone else unless you're a CEO or other high falutin figure.  You have to make money as an investor, business owner, or both. 
Fixing/rebuilding your personal credit while getting your business credit up and running will not only help you acquire investments and business cash but it'll allow you to "roll" your money-making leverage up in the fastest possible increments.  And you can do this all yourself without sharing any of your investment or business proceeds with an investor partner.
I have a special deal for exactly what I just outlined above at which is coming to an end soon.
2)  Starting with SFRs.  When I first got started in investing eons ago, like many other investors I got started flipping fixer-upper single-family homes.  Later on I adopted the methodology of buying SFRs to rent them out.  Then, of course, the economy greatly shifted, I moved onto the more lucrative apartment building investing, and I long left SFR acquisitions and flipping in the dust.
Then last year I started flipping SFRs again, only because the economy came around, making flipping an incredibly lucrative enterprise.  This generally happens when the economy shifts from a recessive flatline to a slow progressive improvement.  Flipping is awesome during these times and...we're now officially in "these times" to make fixer-upper flipping work.
If you're interested in acquiring even more cash for your passive income real estate (i.e. apartment building investing), it's best that you inject your own cash into those types of deals which you can now easily raise through SFR flipping.  But this opportunity won't last forever.  Just as the window of opportunity has closed for no-cash-no-credit deals with 100% owner financing, you can now get your own cash and credit together to do your own deals and increase your net worth 1,000 fold in the shortest amount of time possible.
At my Detroit event in March 2013, I'll be talking at great length about the SFR flipping opportunity as well as the Total Wealth Building System and you'll even be able to access a million-dollar line of business credit during the event.  For more information on this, go to
This coming year of 2013 can be your year...but not if you plan on sitting on your ass and doing nothing.  Every successful person out there -- smart or stupid, with or without resources -- all did one thing and one thing only: they created a simple plan and executed the plan. That's it.  Nothing more!
No, you don't have to win the lottery or "get lucky" to make things happen for your life.  You just have to have a simple set of instructions and play out the instructions laid out.  Just like every other successful person has and does.

And I just laid out the instructions in #1 and #2 above.  Now you just need to execute them.
If you have any questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050.
As for Victor in Michigan, Lea is waiting to hear from you after 9am PST.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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