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Saturday, December 08 2012
The Question Everyone Keeps Asking Me
Before I left the office last night, Lea told me that a lot of my students who were calling in about the raising capital website building that we are now doing were wondering about one thing...
Are we going to be doing everything for the website?
Funny that she mentioned this because I was also bombarded by quite a few emails asking me the same thing.
Are we going to be doing everything for the website?
Well, let's define all of the elements that are needed for a super successful raising capital website that will be so awesome, it'll get investor partners writing checks for the down payments on your real estate deals.
1)  You'll need a website with multiple pages, including the page in which your hot deal will be located.  Yes, we will be doing this for you.
2)  You'll need a means of capturing prospective investors' contact information including their email addresses.  Yes, we will be setting this up for you including a short "auto drip" campaign and a "bait" report (which you'll also get from us).
3)  You'll need fresh copy on your site that will instantly draw in the interest of your prospective investor.  Yes, we will be including that on your site.
4)  You'll need a hot deal.  No, we will not be providing that for you.  You will have to get a deal that you want funding for and we can do the rest for you.
One of the other things my students seem to be concerned about is their level of experience and if investor partners will be interested in working with them.
The answer: yes, they want to work with you.  If you are presenting an awesome money-making opportunity for them with a basic plan on how you're going to pull it off, they want in.  Period!
The basic "rule" though is that the property (or opportunity) will have to be local to some degree.  You can't realistically dream of capturing the interest of a prospective investor if you say, "Here's my Loopnet deal, I want 50% of it, and we are going to acquire this as partners yet I'll hire a management company."
No, no, no!  This isn't how it works.
Instead, you're essentially saying, "Here's my deal, I want 30% of it for overseeing minor cosmetic rehab and lease-up, we are going to acquire this as partners, and since I'm fairly local to the property, I'll handle every aspect of this deal while you wildly profit!"
The other thing that my students don't seem to understand is that there is this huge wave of interested investor partners coming out of the "mass wealthy" pool.  These people are doctors, dentists, lawyers (yuck!), engineers, and other professionals who have lots of liquid assets but no clue on what to do with this money.
Yet they are all in the same boat.
Time is running out for them.  It's as simple as that.
These people can only continue working 40 to 70 hours per week for so long before they will realistically drop dead from exhaustion (or blowing their brains out to escape the rat race), they're all getting up there in age, and they are desperate for a real plan on maintaining their lavish lifestyle while cutting back (or eliminating) their work schedule!
And you're their plan.
I've had more "mass wealthy" invest in my deals just in the past 2 years than I've ever had in my investing career.
I had no "mass wealthy" invest with me 10 years ago.  I had 1 invest with me about 5 years ago.  Now 95% of the investor partners who invest with me on deals are part of this "mass wealthy" pool.
Interesting how quickly things change.
What's awesome about these people is that you don't need to twist their arm on the opportunity.  You don't need to convince them of having a high level of experience.  Just going through a course on real estate investing makes you much more qualified on the subject than they'll ever be!
This is quite the opposite, by the way, if you're trying to deal with professional investors (which has become very difficult to do these days because they micro-manage everything).
Remember, I've been warning everyone for a couple of years now that the window of opportunity is closing for getting your foot in the door on apartment building investing with little or no money down, owner financing, and by using creative financing methods.
Okay, so you know you have to set up a website to start drawing in these investor partners.
But it takes more than just having a website out there.
A website is like an island.  It can be there in the middle of the ocean.  Unless people know about it, the island is useless, bare, and lonely.
So, you won't be getting just a website from us.  You'll be in full understanding of exactly what you'll need to do to market this website with a cutting-edge, bona-fide step-by-step plan on what to do to drive boatloads of qualified investor partner traffic to your site so that you can get your deal(s) funded virtually instantly!
This is a far cry from what I had to use to get investor partnership money only a handful of years ago.
I had to use investor mailing lists.  I had to create a kick-ass mailing piece, talking about specific deals I was working on.  I was limited to mailing to Southern California investors and I had to meet with them one-on-one to "sell" them the deal.
This was costly, time-consuming, nerve-wracking, and a miserable process  And I hated every minute of it.  But I was able to acquire tens of millions of dollars in property from 2003 through 2012 without sinking a penny of my own into a single piece of investment real estate.
I only wish I had access to the type of technology and the online raising capital "system" I know about now back in 2003 because I would be into the hundreds of millions of dollars in property by now.
However, reality is, most people cannot do what I did to raise capital because it takes a certain type of personality and very thick skin.
Now you don't have to anymore.
For a very limited time, I'm offering you an opportunity to have your own Operation Money Magnet website developed and up and running so that you can ring in the New Year with getting your hot new deal funded and launched. 
And for a super limited time, you can actually get a sweet deal on getting your site built by us:
I already had quite a few students sign up by the time I left yesterday.  I'm putting a limit on this since I don't want to overwhelm myself or Rafael nor do I want any of my students waiting to get a complete website.
You can also use me to write your mini-business plan, PowerPoint, and to do your YouTube online video presentation for your site.  All you do is supply the deal.
You decide whether gaining access to hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in investor partner down payments for your deals is important...or not.
Go to to get your website going now! 
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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