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Friday, November 10 2023

I had it out with my daughter's teacher the other day.


I had a Zoom meeting with this woman and I started off expressing my disappointment in her boss not getting back to me on the false "plagiarism" accusation by one of her colleagues.

She kept shutting me down by saying that she has nothing to do with the "admin" and blah, blah, blah.

I kept talking anyway, letting her know what a disappointment these so-called "instructors" are turning out to be and what a joke school has become.

All of a sudden, she starts breathing heavily and then holds her heart.  I stopped talking.  She told me, "My heart is beating so fast, I have to catch my breath."

In other words, what I was telling her was "insulting" her so much, her heart was racing.

And there I was thinking, Bitch, I haven't even warmed up yet!

I went on to tell her that her boss had promised to call me over a week ago.  She never called when she said she would.  Then she tried to call me a week late at a time that was more "convenient" for her with NO notice, NO confirmation, NO heads up...nothing.

None of these people would make it in the real world.  Not a single one.

Yet they're teaching OUR KIDS to somehow be able to make it in the the real world with their B.S. curriculum.  Then they clutch their pearls the very moment any parent calls them out on their B.S.

We are DOOMED.

And it's now very difficult for me to take ANY of this school sh** seriously anymore.  Education -- if that's what you want to call it -- has gotten WAY worse since I attended school.  And I truly believe they are changing the curriculum in a way to make kids dumber than ever before.  It's being done ON PURPOSE in the most radical and obvious way imaginable.  Yet most parents are too busy trying to make a living (to keep up with hyperinflation) to notice that their children are being mentally corrupted ON PURPOSE.  I shudder at how dumb people will be in 10 years.

(If you've never seen the movie Idiocrasy with Luke it.  It's no longer a comedy.  It's a crystal ball into our future.)

And this brings me back to YOU.  If you've been running on "survival autopilot," it's time to look up and get off the treadmill.  Things are changing so rapidly (and NOT in a good way) that it's doubtful that many people will be able to survive a year from now.

Bringing me to my point...

You MUST do something different if you're going to survive these rough waters ahead.

And I have just the opportunity to help you do that.

I have a quick 8-minute video to show you a cutting-edge real estate investing strategy that very few serious real estate investors have ever heard of.

I ran this special training last week.  Many of you couldn't make it because it was in the middle of the week.  So, I decided to do the training again this weekend.

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about and then you can decide if this is something you're interested in.

But here's a word to the wise: if this isn't for you, FIND SOMETHING THAT yesterday!  The economy WILL collapse any day now and you have a choice: do something about it or be a victim in ways you can't even imagine right now.  Why be a victim to the upcoming economic disaster when you can thrive instead?

CLICK HERE jump on this...while you still can.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you need to boost your FICO score, the Holiday Blitz once-per-year window of opportunity is coming up next week.  CLICK HERE to watch a brief training to show you exactly what you need to do INCLUDING exactly when to send out your dispute letters.

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