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Sunday, October 29 2023

The other day I had it out with my daughter's English teacher.

She said that Brie (my daughter) plagiarized someone else's work.

At 5%.


I told her that it was ridiculous that she'd state that 5% of my daughter's very short essay was plagiarized.

After all, by simply saying THIS in a paper, the dumb wench would say I plagiarized someone else's work:

 "In conclusion, it's my opinion that..."


"I believe the author meant that..."

Yes, her "plagiarism" came down to 5 words.  The words I used above EXCEEDED the amount of words my daughter supposedly "plagiarized" in her essay.

How many papers would inadvertently use the words I put in those two sentences above?  Did you know that's it's considered "plagiarism" by these dense-headed "educators" if their bogus plagiarism software claim you "stole" someone's work by using EITHER of the partial sentences above?

Even worse, this dumb hag was too lazy to check out what was supposedly plagiarized.  Instead, she lazily let A.I. "grade" Brie's paper then gave her a big fat ZERO for the 5% "plagiarism" without even looking at how or why the system claimed she plagiarized someone else's work.  Any normal person would have looked, then figured out that it was either a citation (which it was) or a general generic sentence (like the ones I wrote above).

It's absolutely insane how lazy, inept, and stupid these "teachers" really are.

Can you imagine if a copyright attorney went after every romance author out there for "plagiarizing" the words "I love you so much" in ANY romance novel based on a lawsuit filed by some older-than-dirt author from 50 years ago?

Yet, according to my daughter's boneheaded English teacher, using the words "I love you so much" would be considered plagiarism...according to her bullsh** A.I. software.

Stupid wench.

If it can't possibly be prosecuted in a court of law then, guess what?  It's NOT plagiarism.

But I think what's really bothering me is that these supposed "educators" are putting up PERMANENT GRADES which can, in turn, affect them for the rest of their lives...and they're not even all that educated themselves.

Worse than that...

If these are the people teaching our kids, what will the future look like 5 and 10 years from now?

I tell my daughter all the time: it's best to NOT KNOW the answer than to know the WRONG answer.

During a quiz (in English, of course), one of the questions she had was this:

True or false:  An antagonist helps provide a solution in the story.

My daughter asked me what I thought.  I told her to refer back to Dora the Explorer.  Swiper.  He's a fox in the cartoon series.  All he does is try to screw everything up for everybody.  He steals stuff.  He's always tricking people.  He's the antagonist.  He is definitely NOT interested in helping provide a SOLUTION in the story.

So, my daughter answers the question.  FALSE.

And she f****** got it wrong!


Remember, I have an M.F.A. in creative writing.  So, if anyone knows all about protagonists and antagonists in a story, it would be me.

I just about lost it at that point and surmised the following: it would be better for my daughter to get NO education than to learn all the WRONG answers.

It's better to educate someone with a clean slate or empty head, than to spend years UN-LEARNING someone from bad answers, bad education, and bad "facts."

So, now I have to figure out what I'm going to do.  Tomorrow I go to battle with the principle.  "Dr." Somebody-or-Another.  Another POS that earned a bogus Ph.D. with no real life experience, no brain cells, and no concept of the real world.  This should be fun.

In the meantime, my daughter told me something that I'm proud of.  She reads an entire book every 3 days.  She told me, "I'm doing this to replace my English curriculum."

Good job, kid.  You'll learn more by polishing your reading skills than anything you'll ever learn from that douche-tard school you're in.

Which brings me to you.

How much do YOU need to "un" learn from the "bad" education you've gotten over the course of your lifetime?

And would you give me an opportunity to do a "clean slate" training for you?

The training starts on November 1st.  It's only 2 days long.  And it'll cost you only $7.  The cost of a Starbucks coffee.  Just to show me you're serious.  (I'm trying to keep all the flaky tire-kickers out and I figure $7 will do it.)

CLICK HERE to find out more about this training and to register right now.

Listen, you may have not had a choice in how you were educated when you were younger.  But you have a choice right now.  And only YOU get to choose what goes in your brain from this point forward.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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