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Wednesday, October 25 2023

Not much changes in real estate investing.

At least that's what I used to say.

And I think many of you know that I've gotten bored, fed up, and sick of real estate investing over the past several years.  Many of you have been with me during that journey.  And I was set to throw in the towel for good.

Except something happened.

A couple of years ago, the Airbnb properties my partner (Andrew Shaw) and I were investing was going really great.  For about two years.  So, from around 2019 through was like riding greased lightning.  Everything was fantastic.  People were traveling, renting Airbnb units left and right, and things were great.

Until last year...early last year to be exact...I started to notice "cracks" in our Airbnb plan.

Andrew didn't see it.  I don't think he cared, between you and I.  Money was coming in.  There was no alarm bells going off as far as he was concerned.

But for me?  I knew something was "off" because of several things that started coming to the surface:

1)  Certain cities where we were invested started banning short-term rentals.

2)  Vacation dollars weren't as abundance as before when all easy-to-get money began drying up.

3)  Everybody and their mom started investing in Airbnb properties, making the market oversaturated nearly overnight.

I kept telling Andrew, "Hey, we need to pivot.  Like yesterday!"

He didn't believe me.  But then he told me something pretty fantastic after that.  He said, "I have an investing buddy of mine that does this unique kind of real estate investing with single-family homes and small apartment houses.  It's transitional housing.  Very few investors know about this yet."

Of course, I had no freakin' clue what he was talking about but I was definitely interested because he had to do something to change our course, otherwise we'd risk losing all of our properties.  I was even more interested knowing that very few investors knew this new strategy.  (No more competing in the oversaturated "red ocean" of Airbnb properties anymore.)

After sitting me down to explain how it all worked, I had gotten soooo excited about this way of real estate investing, I decided to shift and pivot my entire real estate investing empire in this new direction.

Yes, it's THAT powerful and life-changing!

I shot a short video for you, explaining how this works.  (CLICK HERE.)

But I think what's most important about this real estate investing strategy -- not only can you make 10 times what you'd make with a regular rental -- you'll be helping people at the most desperate times of their lives.

And that's how you make change on a larger scale.  You help people.  Thousands of people.  All the while, making money too that you can then, in turn, use to help more people (if you so choose).

And THIS is why I'm soooo pumped up and excited about this BRAND NEW real estate investing opportunity.  It's because you can make 10 times on every property AND you'll be helping people get their lives together.

It's a win-win in every way possible.

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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