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Wednesday, September 07 2022

It seems like every week I'm getting a new IRS fine letter...

I'm on my third one in three weeks.

And...I'm pretty sure I'll have ANOTHER ONE next week...and the week after that...AND the week after that.

What do these letters say?

They say that I filed my company tax returns LATE.

Except that the postmark on each filing is March 14, 2022.  The filing date for an S corporation filing this year was March 15, 2022.

And, according to IRS, as long as the return is POSTMARKED on or before the due date, it is considered a timely filing.

But, because of how SLOW they are, they are JUST BARELY PROCESSING my company tax returns right now!

AND...wanting to FINE ME for every company I filed for.

Now please note that I have A LOT of companies.  I file returns for around a dozen companies.  So...

If I'm on the THIRD letter for my IRS fine...I have about 9 more to go.  [INSERT CRY EMOJI HERE.]

Oh, but I can get a refund.  Eventually.  But first I have to PAY the fine and then I can file Form 843 to get a refund on the fine payment.  But I have to pay the fine today and then get the refund later.

That is IF I ever get the refund.  Typical IRS and government red tape.  It's a total scam job.

And now that they're hiring another 87,000 new IRS agents, there will be A LOT of fines, penalties, and other bullsh*t that they plan on dragging the average American through in order to justify the weekly paychecks of all these people. I am thinking:  If I'm getting all of these fines now for legally filing ON TIME...what kind of crap am I going to be dealing with NEXT YEAR with the IRS?

And YOU should be thinking the same thing because if you haven't gotten a fine letter from the IRS will.

But what I've found over the years that helps keep me sane (and rich) is by NOT focusing on what famous copywriter and marketer used to call the "alphabet agencies" (such as the IRS)...

And by FOCUSING on stuff that can make you wealthy, ESPECIALLY in light of the economy falling apart by the day.

I have a solution for the hard times ahead.  CLICK HERE to see exactly what I'm talking about.

I've NEVER done anything quite like this.  And likely I'll never do it again.

CLICK HERE NOW to find out what I'm talking about!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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