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Monday, October 11 2021

Every once in a blue moon I'll get one of these kinds of emails.  And I got one of these last week.  When you read it, you'll be slapping yourself on the head in dismay...

"Please cancel my purchase of  100k in 100 Days and other materials made on 10-2-2021 by me. I believe my checking account has been hacked and these purchases will leave me unable to pay my rent and other monthly obligations. In other words to pay $10.00 plus $10.00 plus $97.00 plus $47.00 will leave me homeless. I don't know how this happened as I took a calculator and thought I had enough to make thes purchases. But a review today let's me know I've made a mistake. Maybe I have dementia? I don,t know. I do know I can,t afford not to pay my rent and other expenses and wind up homeless just to purchase Monic Maine,s Book and treasure map.  I do need to improve my financial status and will try again when things are better. Sorry for the problem."

Yes, I left all of her mistakes in her email to show you just how pitiful of a person she is.

When I read this, it made me realize that she treats herself as a "victim" in life.  And it's pretty ridiculous.

"Oh, poor me.  Here I was innocently sitting on a park bench feeding these poor starving pigeons my moldy bread when along came this Wicked Witch of the West named Monica Main who held a gun to my head, MADE me take out my debit card to buy a $10 book and some other stuff, and now here I am without any rent money.  Boo hoo!  Poor me!  Why is life so hard?  And why is this Monica Main such a powerful magician to get me to pay for something I didn't even want to buy in the first place from so many miles away?"

This is what I wanted to tell her...

Wanna know WHY life is so hard, lady?

#1...You're so f****** pitiful that you don't have $154 to spend to better your financial life in any way.  But I'm pretty sure you probably have the latest iPhone and cable TV.

#2...You're seemingly BLAMING other people (me included) because you are broke...but oddly I don't remember flying to your house, looming over you with a whip, and demanding you buy ANYTHING from me.  I'm pretty sure you did that on your own accord.

#3...How the f*** do you think you'll EVER better your financial future if you don't (a) learn how to build a business and (b) invest in yourself to build that business from start to finish?

What's troubling about this LIAR of a woman is that she immediately tries to BLAME OTHERS for HER purchase.  She first blames someone else (hacking into her checking account).  Then she blames dementia.  Then she blames me...because I'll be the reason she'll be homeless because of the purchase SHE made.


But she FAILS to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for her current state of affairs.  She's broke.  And it's her own damn fault.

If you are broke, it's your own damn fault.

How do I figure?

Because if you're broke in the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY then...there's a problem.  And that problem is...YOU!

It's TOO EASY to make money here in America.  You'd have to purposely be burying your head in a basement corner 24/7 to NOT see the opportunity that's around us ALL THE TIME.

In fact, one such opportunity is a pretty powerful one.

CLICK HERE and I'd like to share it with you right now!

This is the only opportunity I know of that can make you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time possible...IF you learn how to do it right!

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See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main



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