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Sunday, August 01 2021
Over the past couple of days I've been extremely excited, partly because I'm in the process of letting go of the old and partly because I have just began a new powerful and prosperous stage in my life!
Let me explain what I'm talking about.
A few of you may recall that a couple of months ago I talked about wanting to retire at the age of 50.  I just turned 47 last month so that's still 3 years away. 

The moment I told myself, "I can't do another three years with a full-blown business with employees, overhead, and worst of all: LACK OF TIME FREEDOM!"

So, on my birthday (June 14th) I asked myself, "What if I just closed my office/warehouse in December at the very end of the year?"  And then it turned into, "What if I closed down this summer?  In fact, why not next month?"

At first I thought the idea was simply ridiculous.

But, just for kicks, my daughter and I went to our favorite restaurant for lunch, grabbed a napkin and a pen, and titled the top: OPERATION RELAUNCH.

Together we forged a list of everything that needed to be done to close the business down and to "reinvent" it the way I want which included:

* No employees, no overhead, no stress
* Working only part time
* Digitalizing everything and getting rid of 90% of my physically shipped products
* Only focusing on what I like to do the most (which I'll get into shortly)

As a sometimes ever-changing decision-making Gemini, I decided to "sleep" on the idea.

I "slept" on the idea of closing and following through with my napkin-plan for two solid weeks just to make sure I wasn't making any "rash" decisions.

Then, on Monday, June 28th (exactly two weeks later), I decided to pull the trigger and just go for it!  By the end of that same week, I had put the larger wheels in motion to close down including informing my staff, securing other arrangements for my products to be shipped out (for now, until they're all gone), and beginning my journey towards ultimate business freedom!

By the end of the following week, two of the employees who I was having difficulty with just up and left.  (Yaahhhh!!)  The other three I have left are just part-timers who can work virtually from anywhere.

I couldn't believe how seamlessly everything was falling into if the Universe was conspiring to assist me on this new path.

To, what a powerful thing.  How many times have you found yourself "sitting on the fence" forever and then the very moment you made a decision one way or another, you felt a sense of relief, freedom, and empowerment as if you were floating on Cloud 9?

Anyway, if you haven't seen my video about the process of shutting my office down, CLICK HERE to watch it now.  I'll be taking the video down in a few days so you'll probably want to watch it ASAP...especially since it's kind of raw and vulnerable.

So, many of my students really think I quit for good.  That's not the case.  I'll only be doing the things I really want to do (after finishing my 2021 obligations I already have set in place).

And there are two things I really have an interest in:

#1:  My 100K in 100 Days KTB Business Building Blueprints (CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about).

#2:  A very rare once-in-a-lifetime partnership opportunity (which I'll be talking about in my last 2021 100K Mastery Mentorship Group which begins on August 16th; only those who are part of this group will get the benefit of this new opportunity). 

As I've talked about many, many times over the make the changes you want in life, it starts with choosing an "I quit!" date.  To demonstrate what I was talking about, I had made my "I quit!" date as June 14, 2024 (my 50th birthday).  Then, I decided, "Hell, why not do it much earlier than that?"

I could never fully "retire."  If you know me, you'd know that retirement is boring and I could never do it.

But, I could do what I really want to do and NOT do the things I DON'T want to do.

And so can you!

If you want to take this "ride or die" opportunity with me, CLICK HERE to watch a seminar that talks all about it, including the changes in the economy, how it all affects you, and what you can do about it to prosper in the destitute times ahead!
It's time for you to line yourself up to take advantage of every opportunity that is coming your direction at whiplash speed right now.  If you don't line yourself up correctly even down to getting your "money net" out there to start collecting on this easy cash then you'll find yourself in that miserable rut you've probably been in for awhile of beating your head against a brick wall with an empty wallet and wondering what you're doing wrong.
I'm going to be talking about everything you need to do to make a fortune with the New KTB Business in the Post-Pandemic Era.  
CLICK HERE to check it out now!

The group is 100% online and starts on Monday, August 16th.  I'll only be taking about a dozen students and I already have 9 in the class right now!

See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

P.S.  As most of you know, I'm getting rid of 90% of my inventory FOREVER.  This means you can get basement-bottom deals and discounts on ALL of it AND you'll be getting EXTRA stuff in your shipment on top of what you order and pay for.  CLICK HERE to get what you can get now.  Most of this inventory will NEVER be brought back again.  CLICK HERE to get what you can get...before it's all gone for good!
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