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Sunday, July 18 2021

Last week I ended up getting rid of a couple of my employees.  I couldn't believe how unwilling some people are in doing the job they are hired.

It's not about being lazy.  It's about wanting to get paid for doing what they want to do, I guess.  It's a weird trend that seems to be going on in our "post" Covid era.

One of my employees refused to "touch" my book called The Lost Secret...because the book talks about "energy" and "vibrations," something she doesn't believe in as a fundamentalist Christian.

This is strange to me because when she was hired almost a year ago, I gave her the book on the day she was hired.  She never mentioned being "offended" by the book contents or having issues with the book subject matter.  So, it was a shocker, needless to say, when she said she would no longer be "touching" the book (to ship it out to people) because of her beliefs.

As my dad told me yesterday, he said, "She's a CWC."

I said, "What does CWC mean?"

He said, "Christian When Convenient."

I started laughing.  He was right.  It was "convenient" for her to do her job...when she wanted a paycheck.  Then it was "convenient" for her to suddenly dislike my book The Lost Secret almost one year later...when she didn't want to do her job anymore, citing the "Christianity" reasoning for suddenly not "believing" in the book (or her job) anymore.

She wrote an email to me after I gave her an ultimatum to do her f****** job...or don't come in to work anymore.  In this email, she admitted to getting an under-the-table job working at a non-profit for a friend.  Then she writing in the email.  (As Forrest Gump would say, "Stupid is as stupid does!")

But she told me over the phone she was going to apply for unemployment.

Hmmmm...doesn't seem very "Christ-like" for her to lie to the unemployment office by stating that she didn't have a job (just to get an unemployment check) when she admitted in an email in writing to me that she did have a job.

It's certainly not Christian-like to lie like that to get an unemployment check while getting paid under the table from her friend running a charity group.

But, as my dad said..."CWC."  She's Christian When Convenient.


It kind of made me wonder what Christ would think about this underhanded behavior on her part.

The other employee I got rid of was her mother.  Her mom was a good worker...until she decided to show me her 6-inch manila file folder to the office two weeks ago that was labeled "EDD."

This woman began to go into a boring lengthy monologue about collecting unemployment and getting back onto EDD. 

"Well, don't you have to not be working to get EDD?" I asked.

I was offended that she (1) decided to waste my valuable time on my clock for at least 30 minutes to show me this ridiculously thick folder about the "life and times" of her unemployment-collecting "career" for the past several years, and (2) begin talking to me about her near-future EDD collecting plan/strategy to continue working for me (under the table) while getting unemployment at the same time.

Huh?  What planet do I now live on??  Planet of the Crazies and Lazies, I'm guessing.

I couldn't believe this conversation was happening.  So, this is what I said:  "Tell you what.  How about today is your last day here?!  Here's your last check.  And now you can collect unemployment which, evidently, is your choice of 'career' these days.  Good luck."

"When you have some under-the-table work, let me know," she said.

I said, "Give me your office key.  And I don't think I have anything right now for you to do 'under the table.'"  Now or ever, for that matter!


All of this bullsh** that's been happening with my staff over the past few weeks has been mind-blowing to say the least.  It's made me really do some soul-searching about what I plan on doing in the months and years to come. 

And what I'll be revealing to you will probably shock you. 

In fact, I plan on talking about it in my next live training.  CLICK HERE to register for it ASAP!  (By the way, if you missed my last training, you can watch a replay by CLICKING HERE.)


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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