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Sunday, July 11 2021

In the last couple of weeks, I've continued on with the Battle of My Staff...actually, not with my "staff" but rather with two people on my team.

Most of you know that Lynette is great.  (Or rather she WAS great.)  I have not one beef with Lynette.  She's one of the most efficient people I've had on my staff in a long time.

That is...until she got really "weird" on me about 2 weeks ago.

As as fundamentalist Christian, she decided (after almost 1 full year of employment) to tell me that she refuses to "touch" my book The Lost Secret because -- as a fundamentalist Christian -- she doesn't believe in that "vibrational energy stuff."


Energy is what makes ALL  The cells coursing through your body right now...all energy.  Your heart  Your eyes blinking as you ready this...ready for it?  ENERGY! 


And the vibration part (also pure energy)...well, if you are able to "control" whether you feel good (or bad), this will determine if you get something good (or bad) hurling toward you at light speed.

If you feel shitty all day every day, complaining about everything and glued to Fox News nonstop, your energy will drop.  BAD THINGS WILL BEGIN HAPPENING TO YOU BECAUSE...

Life is life a GIANT MAGNET.  You GET what you think about, focus on...and ultimately ATTRACT to you.

And when you are vibrating at a low energy level, you will attract all the rest of the stuff vibrating at that same level including car accidents, being robbed, losing money, losing out on opportunity, your spouse walking out on you...and a variety of other things.

But...on the flipside...

If you are vibrating at a high level, you will begin attracting other "like" things at that higher level (again, because you are an energetic magnet) such as opportunities, money, awesome relationships, good times, and all of the rest of the fun/good stuff life has to offer.

In fact, going back to the fundamentalist Christian beliefs, if you know anything about the Bible...Jesus was able to walk on water and turn water to wine.

And the ONLY way any of this is possible is...


To RAISE vibrational energy.

Some people don't "get" it, do they?  And then they wonder why their life always sucks.

Back to The Lost Secret book.

She refused to "touch those books" because of the vibrational energy information I talk about IN the book, almost equating it as "devil worshipping" or something.

Very strange.

Especially since on the day I hired her (almost a year ago) I GAVE her the f****** book to read at home to MAKE SURE she was okay with the stuff we sell.

And she never uttered one peep about having any issues with "all that vibrational stuff" until the end.

I gave her an ultimatum which was, in a nutshell, like this:  "Do your f****** job or leave."

Two days later, she left.  Because her mom worked there, her mom went too (unwillingly).

Oh well.  That's just how the ball bounces sometimes.

But it made me think about one critical thing as it relates to YOU, my dear student:

If your life isn't working financially, it's because you're not "vibing" right.  (If you haven't seen the Pixar animated feature called Soul, I strongly recommend that you do.  It's a very profound movie about energy, vibrations, the soul's purpose, The Zone, and all the other things I talk about in my book The Lost Secret book.)

When I see people on the news complaining about the economy or watch journalism shows on the woes of people losing their homes because of the "economic downturn," I shake my head. What people focus on WILL EXPAND.  If you focus on the lack of opportunity, bad things happening everywhere, and how "bad" the world is, it will come zooming right up to your doorstep!

On the contrary, focus on GOOD THINGS and the GOOD THINGS will expand.

I show you how to do all of this in my special report The Lost Chapters of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich.

CLICK HERE to get yours now (if you don't already have it) because this WILL change your entire life...if you let it!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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