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Wednesday, February 10 2021

Not a good week so far!  Ugh!!

On Monday my daughter was feeling sick.  I called her school (yes, my daughter is in school) and asked the nurse if there was anything going around the school except Covid-19.  She said a few students thought they had strep throat but they all tested negative.  Otherwise...just seasonal allergies.

Great.  That was NO HELP at all.

I described the symptoms my daughter had which were stuffy nose, feeling of a "knot" being in her throat, lethargic, headache, stomach ache...but no fever.

"Oh well, it's probably strep throat so...until you can get a negative test showing she doesn't have strep throat, you can't let her come back to school."


Lady, you just said NOBODY had strep throat at your school and your school is the only place she goes other than being at home!

So, I called my daughter's doctor's office.  After waiting on hold for almost an hour, they finally told me that they won't see her.  I'm not sure why I'm paying $800/month for medical insurance if you can't ever get a doctor's appointment anywhere.  Meanwhile they suggested I take her to Urgent Care where everybody I know got Covid-19...while sitting in a damned doctor's office.  So, nope.  I won't be doing that anytime soon!

I'm trying to figure out how to get this school nurse her negative strep throat test from my daughter's doctor without subjecting my daughter to Covid-19 while wasting away for hours at an Urgent Care...for no reason except to prove to a school nurse something I already know: she doesn't have and NEVER had strep throat.

Do you ever have weeks where you feel that the entire world is stacked against you??  Like it's a conspiracy to make sure you don't accomplish anything or get anywhere??

This is definitely ONE of those weeks for me.

Of course, Mercury is Retrograde so many that explains a lot!

But, as for GOOD NEWS...

A lot of you have been asking about Bev and her recovery.  For those of you who don't know, she was on death's door after she was put into hospice care a few months back.  A student of mine (I don't recall who) send me some tips on how Bev could see a fast recovery.  I didn't believe him but forwarded the email to Bev's grandson Rigby.  (Yes, Rigby is his real name.)  He took the email to heart, did everything the email suggested, and within mere days Bev bounced back from death's door to having more energy and vigor than she did 20 years ago!

What was the health regimen?

1)  Get off all medications ASAP.
2)  Stop consuming ALL sugar...especially the fake "diet" kind.
3)  Stop consuming ALL refined complex carbs (like white bread, pasta, rice, etc.)
4)  Drink fresh organic green juices TWICE daily (8 ounces each serving)
5)  Eat a diet of raw vegetables, organic poultry and fish ONLY.
6)  Try to get some blood flow going with gentle yoga and Pilates movements when possible.
7)  Do deep breathing for at least 10 minutes each day.

And that was it.

She did everything on the list and within only 10 days she was bouncing around with energy that she hasn't had in decades.  Pretty amazing, don't you think?

Of course, NONE of what I mentioned above (1) came from me and (2) should NOT be misconstrued as medical advice because it's not.  But, a lot of you wanted to know how Bev -- my STAR Money Funnel student (who is over 70 years old making $85,000 per month in NET PROFITS with her Money Funnel Business) is doing and now she feels FANTASTIC!

I'm trying to get her to come to my upcoming retreat next month in Key West but her doctors are advising against it because of Covid-19 (obviously) but I MAY be able to get her to come out to another workshop I'll be doing later this year.  (More on that to come.)

I did get her to agree to helping me do something spectacular for you.  I have something pretty amazing coming up on March 25th and 26th.  It's the last two (2) days of my retreat in Key West where I'll be doing a powerful Money Funnel Business Workshop.  And if you can't come in person, no worries.  These final days will be LIVE STREAMED so you can join us from where you are!

CLICK HERE to check it out now!  I did a short video by my pool to talk a little bit about what these two (2) power-packed days can do for you and the special duo-webinar series I have planned BEFORE the event in Key West.

CLICK HERE NOW to find out all about it!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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