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Thursday, December 17 2020
I don't think many of you realize what I go through and how many hours a day/week I work to assist my students on their pathways to success in real estate investing.
My thousands of testimonials that I've gotten from my students over the years -- and still continue to get on a near-daily basis -- is what keeps me going as a teacher.  It keeps me tirelessly doing trainings, mentorship groups, webinars, seminars, and putting together new home study course materials to educate my students for maximum success.
Many of you deeply appreciate what I do for you because you see what I do, what I go through, and the quality of what I put out there for teachings.  You have been ripped off by other "gurus" out there who have no clue about real world real estate investing so you know quality teachings vs. rip off b.s.
You also understand that the real estate investing climate is changing by the day as our ever-changing economic conditions are become more volatile as time marches on (and it's only going to get worse before it gets better).
Then there are a small handful of you (and this encompasses a very small handful) who, quite honestly, won't ever become a success in anything in life let alone real estate investing.  A couple of you have shot me some nasty emails because of the amount of new courses I'm coming out with in such a short time, accusing me of being just another "guru." can think all you want in that regard.  Anyone who knows me personally also knows I don't give a s*** about what people think of me, especially someone who will never amount to much because he or she thinks the extent of "success" isn't much beyond ungluing themselves off the couch for 30 seconds to answer an email.
In comparison to other "gurus" who don't care about anyone's success, I'll tell you that their courses and seminars are much higher in price than mine will ever be (and are outdated).  I charge the lowest possible cost to barely cover my overhead just to make it affordable for everyone to get a shot at getting into the highly profitable business of passive income cash flow real estate.
And this is because I truly care about people.  I care about training people so they can become successful.
I personally answer my emails.  No "guru" does that.  I also personally run my mentorship groups online.  No other "guru" does that.
I personally teach my training and seminar groups.  Most "gurus" don't do that anymore.  They send some uneducated underling who read one book on real estate investing to teach a 2-day "boot camp" while the "guru" will breeze in for a 10-minute "cameo" appearance.  The underling teaches 20 minutes of outdated real estate investing material then uses the remaining 2 days to sell you on a $10,000 consulting deal or a $35,000 partnership arrangement.
And I do none of those things.  Never will either.
And if you've attended my boot camps in the past, you'd know that it's all usable educational content and maybe a 1-minute sales pitch that pretty much goes like this:  "See my catalog?  Get 50% off any one or more items you want in this catalog as long as you turn your order form into my assistant by the end of this event."
And that's about it for my "sales pitch" at events.
And yes, I personally teach the majority my entire boot camps with the exception of a guest speaker here and there.
The reason I'm releasing so much new material now is because I'm on a "push" for two (2) key reasons:
1)  The opportunities in real estate will be coming in like a tsunami as we enter into 2021 including getting bottom-basement deals on real estate (thanks to the upcoming foreclosure and short sale windfall).
2)  I'm physically, mentally, and emotionally burnt out and I want to give you the best of what I got before I completely run out of energy for good.  After the end of 2020, I will NO LONGER be doing ANY real estate training.  And I may as well share (for the last time) my money and partnership resources with you!
I think we all realize when we've peaked at something.  For the longest time I stayed in this business as the underdog "guru" because I felt the motherly instinct belief (as naive as it may seem) that as long as I'm around, you wouldn't fall for the other guy who is out there with the sole intent to screw you over.
But I think we all get to the point where we have to move on.
And I'm at that point.
For the longest time I was at the crossroads where I told myself:  "Go big or go home."
Going "big" meant becoming one of of the "gurus" that I despise so much.  And that's not an option.  I won't be one of them.  Not now.  Not ever!
So...the second option is to "go home."  I guess that's what I'm planning on doing for the time being.
If I can find a way to help more people without burning myself out, I'll let you know.  If I could get on the Robert Kiyosaki level (because he's probably one of the only ones who's not quite as sleezy as the rest) and still be me, offering only the best and most cutting edge strategies, I will stay in the game.
But as it stands now, it's not looking like that's going to be a possibility.
I told my staff a couple of weeks ago that I'm slowly phasing out my duties as a real estate trainer and going into semi-retirement by my birthday (which is June don't forget to mail me a card).  They understand what I've been going through so it was no surprise.  No one else seemed to like what I was planning except for one of my staffers who appreciates the "cycle of life," the need for change, and all that kind of stuff.
So, I'll be offering you my money and partnership resources which you can get by CLICKING HERE NOW!
Listen, things are changing.  I'm changing.  The world is changing.
Things are starting to shift.  The economy is showing signs of breaking.  Once this happens, the opportunities in the real estate market will flood in like a damn breaking.  Now is the time to start lining up your cash resources and partners so that you'll be ready to swoop up on these deals when they start dropping.  CLICK HERE to snatch up my unsecured cash resources and partner resources while you still can.  This is your LAST CHANCE to get this stuff.
There is definitely a "spiritual" shift going on as well but I won't be going into detail about that.  Those of you who know what I'm talking about and know already what's going on, I don't need to explain anything to you.  Those of you who don't know...don't know (and probably never will), and that's okay too.
Part of my semi-retirement has to do with these spiritual needs that I now have for myself once I realized that working my way into an early grave wasn't doing a damn bit of good for myself or for my young daughter.
Awhile back, my friend Aran Dunlop (who is also my star MHP student), summed it up nicely in a text he sent to me saying exactly this:  "Maybe $10 a day and a hut on a deserted beach isn't irrational at all."
Actually, it's sounding more and more "rational" by the day!
Maybe now is your crossroads.  Maybe you need to figure out what's important to you.  Is it working for someone else for a fraction of what you could be making?  Is it wasting 45 - 50 hours a week making someone else rich when you could be working less than half those hours, making more than triple what you make, and actually being there for your kids?
Why do we have to hit our deathbed to realize what we should have done with our lives?
And do you doubt me when I tell you that you won't be saying you wished you spent more time working for Boss Man Smitty and even less hours watching your kids and grandkids grow up?
I'm hoping you don't realize what's really important in life when it's too late.
I'm 46.  I'm a known workaholic to everyone who knows me.  I'm the last person on earth anyone would have expected would have "slowed down" to smell the roses.
Yet I'm making a conscious effort to focus on things that are most important in my life: my daughter, balance, eating well, exercise, and doing things that make me happy.
I'm finally realizing what's important.  I'm realizing that life is more than working your ass off then working some more...then more and more and more. 
I'm hoping you realize that you can do the things that make you happy too.  And I'm hoping you realize this before it's too late...before you're too sick, too tired, or too old to do anything about it.
CLICK HERE get the last bit of my resources, my partnership connections, and my grant secrets (to get money from the government that you never have to pay back)!
See you at the top...and maybe on that deserted beach one day!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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