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Wednesday, July 29 2020

Times are turbulent and they're about to become more so as our economy fully collapses.  You see, many people are bamboozled into believing that things are "okay."  But the problem with that thinking is that -- even people who are receiving unemployment and government stimulus money -- is the gravy train is about to completely crash!  There is NO WAY the government can keep shelling out endless amounts of cash to keep people afloat.

Furthermore, there are things that are permanently broken that -- even if by some miracle the economy "switch" was turned on the way it used to be before -- are too far gone for any kind of semi or full recovery.  Anywhere from 33% to 50% (or more, in my opinion) of small- to medium-sized restaurants will close permanently.  This will also go for hair salons, nail salons, and other service-based businesses.  Most won't be able to gain enough traction after (one day...maybe in 2021) we re-open our economy in full.

And this will be the year (in or after October) where we will see the beginning of two (2) tragic economic downfalls:

1)  A huge pile of personal and corporate bankruptcies will explode by the end of the year, dragging well into 2021 and possibly 2022, mostly due to court delays and ricocheting financial devastations, like dominoes falling from one seemingly unrelated market sector to the next. 

2)  A huge windfall of both single-family residential (including homes, condos, and townhouses), investment property, and commercial property FORECLOSURES.  This may even ECLIPSE the aftermath of the 2008 collapse.  We will soon see, as you'll see signs of this in the coming months.


What do you do?

Is it wise to sit around and "watch and wait" to see what will happen?

To see if, by some miracle (because that's what it will take...a freaking miracle) to see if everything will just "snap back" to normal as if nothing happened in the first place?

As if all this Covid-19 business was just a really long bad dream?

Because if that's what you think your order of business needs to be -- to just sit on your ass "watching and waiting" for...who knows what -- then you won't make it in our NEWEST New Economy.  And you likely won't have a pot to piss in.

There are so many things that aren't adding up to me.  And if you were smart, you'd be thinking about them too.  In fact, you're entire brain would be clicking all day long (like mine is) about what is coming next and how to best situate yourself to not only survive...but to THRIVE like a mad dog!

Here are those things:

1)  Where is all this unemployment and government stimulus money coming from?  The government does NOT have endless amounts of to give away to everybody while everyone is binge-watching Netflix and planting a new rose garden in their backyard.  That's not how the real world works.  There MUST be an end to the money pot somewhere.  And if we have to borrow money, it's going to have to be from a place like China.  That's not something we really need to be doing as a country right now.

2)  Not all businesses are getting PPP or disaster loans from the SBA.  You have to have a good credit rating to get any loan, and the same goes for businesses too.  A lot of businesses didn't qualify.  And if they can't stay afloat...

3)  There won't be enough jobs to go around when everything does begin to get back to "normal" in the first or second quarter of 2021.  (Yes, it'll take that long...maybe longer.)  Small businesses account for HALF of all jobs in this country and, if you read what I said above, about 33% to 50% of those businesses will either be bankrupt or struggling.  So...where do you plan on going back to work when things get back to "normal" if, likely, your place of employment will either be bankrupt or sucking wind (and forced to lay off half of their staff to survive)?

4)  Larger businesses (including Fortune 500 companies) will do their "go-to" strategy to strengthen profits during rough times which is CUTTING BACK, starting with mass lay-offs.  So, if you think you're safe because you work for Microsoft, think again.  You're not safe either.

5)  Finally, even though people are getting money from unemployment and stimulus packages, they are HOLDING BACK on spending.  Spending is REQUIRED to have a healthy and growing economy.  When nobody is spending, businesses suffer, they lay off staff, and eventually they close their doors.

Yes, it's a MAD MAD cycle.

So...what do you do to stay AHEAD of the curve?

I want you to check this out.  CLICK HERE.  I have a training for you to watch and it'll knock your socks off.

Because, after all, sitting on your ass "watching and waiting" is NOT an option...that is, if you want to survive the upcoming market upheaval.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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