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Tuesday, July 07 2020

For those of you who are conspiracy-theorists out there and have always suspected that there's something way off base about this Covid-19 ordeal, I have a true story that I'd like to share with you.

There is a couple I know.  Let's call them David and Gina (since they'd rather remain anonymous).  

David and Gina live in Arizona, a known "hot spot" for Covid-19.  And as I told you in my last email, I just came from Arizona this past weekend.  When I was there, other than a lot of businesses being closed, it didn't seem like a hot spot (unless you're talking LITERALLY -- at is was over 100 degrees the entire time I was there) for Covid-19.  But...what do I know, right?

So...David works in a business where he's considered a "front line" worker.  (I won't name his job title or profession to keep him anonymous, as per his request.)  Since he was concerned about contracting Covid-19, he decided to register for testing for both himself and his wife because his place of employment was NOT offering testing.

They registered to get tested, showed up at the testing site, and waited...FOR the blazing heat!

After rolling into the third hour of waiting, they just couldn't wait anymore.  Gina had to use the bathroom really bad, they had no facilities, so they decided to leave WITHOUT being tested.

The very next day they received a phone call.

"Bad news.  You've both tested POSITIVE for Covid-19!"


Remember, neither David nor Gina participated in the test.  They left BEFORE getting tested.


Unless there's some pretty nifty technology to be able to miraculously test people WITH NO CONTACT AT ALL, I am fairly sure that this is where all the BOGUS testing numbers is coming from.

Yes, IT'S A FRAUD!!!

All these numbers that they're throwing out there on the news on a nightly basis to scare the American public ARE ALL BOGUS.  They're 100% MADE UP!

I initially started becoming skeptical when they said that Arizona supposedly had more Coronavirus cases than New York City ever had at its peak.

Except that there's a problem with that lie.

The death rate is NOWHERE NEAR where it was at the peak of the lives lost during the New York City peak.  In fact, many hospitals are either at NORMAL CAPACITY OR BELOW in the state of Arizona right now.


How can this be?

How can Arizona be the "hot spot" of the country, supposedly exceeding the peak of New York City's HIGHEST and WORST peak back in March/April (if you recall) yet barely anybody is in the hospital and the death toll doesn't even remotely match in the state of Arizona?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking??

Yep, it's fake.  It's all phony.  And while I do believe that Covid-19 exists, I certainly don't believe it's at the level that the media is claiming it is.

Furthermore, how is it that you don't hear about the Coronavirus in most other countries anymore (as it's become "old hat" or not that big of a deal these days) but yet the United States is EXPLODING with cases??

Suspicious?  Definitely!

There is a man (or men...maybe men and women) of great power behind the black curtain, controlling everything that is happening right now and the most effective way to control a mass populous is THROUGH FEAR!  And that's what they're doing to you.  Controlling you through fear.

A lot of people will lose their jobs, their houses, and the lives as they know it as we suffer through summer and enter into fall.

Where will you be on this spectrum?

If you're depending on a hand-out check from the government or unemployment, expect that gravy train to come to a sudden halt in the weeks or months to come.

Then what do you plan on doing?

I want you to check out a quick 13-minute video I shot for you the other day which will tell you what's going on now and how you can get on the best (and only) side of the fence BEFORE everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

CLICK HERE to watch the video right now!

You still have the opportunity to make some choices.  If you don't, you'll just be lead to the rest of the fearful sheep.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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