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Monday, May 11 2020

I'm a little irritated at this missed opportunity.

We're all sitting at home on "shelter-in-place" lock-down, helpless.  Some are wasting lots of hours playing video games and watching shows on TV.  Others are reading.  Some are taking daily walks with their dogs.

But the elephant in the room is this: there are a lot of people going broke while hopelessly sitting at home because their livelihood has completely evaporated into thin air.

I don't watch a lot of news because it depresses me.  But when I do, I see a huge missed opportunity.

You see, I would be hard-pressed to find one American sitting at home who isn't worried and/or depressed about what's going on.  Some of us are a little angry at this Coronavirus, especially since most of us know the orgin of this souped-up lab-created virus.  And we're not so happy with this country as a whole...are we?

And in case you don't follow who I'm talking's China. They're the ones who started all this crap.  And now we're left holding the bag on this.

This reminds me of the time when 9/11 happened.  President Bush decided to go after who he fingered as being responsible.  War broke out immediately.  And most red-blooded Americans didn't bat an eyelash because, eye for an eye, right?

Now, I'm not saying anything at all about dropping bombs or killing people.  No...

I'm talking about economic homicide.  Perhaps that's even worse than dropping bombs and killing people.  in fact, I know it's worse!

You see, President Trump could use these critical moments to funnel the anger of the American public into doing something that he promised back in 2016.

Bring manufacturing back to the USA.

Like NOW!

That's right!

Instead of manufacturing anything in China, we bring all manufacturing back here to the United States.

How would this be possible?

Because all the money the SBA is dumping into trying to keep businesses afloat, they can equally dump money into expanding current operations and infrastructures to bring manufacturing back to the USA.

Make cars?  Expand your operations to make all the parts too.  And get a tax break and additional grants from the US Government for doing so.

Make computers?  Expand your operations to make all the motherboards and everything else that goes into a computer,including accessories.  And get a tax break and additional grants from the US Government for doing so.

Make clothes?  Expand your operations to make the fabric and other components too.  And get a tax break and additional grants from the US Government for doing so.

This is not to say that we can't have start-ups take advantage of manufacturing but we must start with the companies that already do manufacturing to make this plan work quickly and effectively...and expand them out to manufacture more components immediately.  This will provide more jobs.  Instantly.

And more importantly, we'll block out the very people who are trying to destroy us:  China.  Why keep giving them money and supporting their economy while they have a dagger to our backs at the same time?  It makes absolutely no sense!  Time to take our country back.  Like yesterday!

So, instead of being in the rose garden talking about the Coronavirus...why not start talking about permanently blocking out those who are destroying us while bringing our country back to life??  By bringing jobs back?!  Manufacturing back?!  Opportunity back?!  This is his ONE OPPORTUNITY!  Is he going to take it??  I sure hope so.  Because this slim window of opportunity that he's already starting to close.

Imagine how strong he would be in November if he was able to rally the country together to say, "No, we're not going to take it anymore!  We're no longer going to reward our enemies with economic progress and through our American dollars while the American people struggle and starve...while they drum up viruses to kill us all in a lab somewhere as a kind of chemical or viral warfare...ON PURPOSE!  We can no longer reward them for this bad behavior.  Let's go back to the way things were.  We'll help fund the expansion of current manufacturing here in the United States and give tax breaks, grants, and low-interest loans to those who manufacture 100% of their goods here in the USA."

If he did that, and actually started bringing these jobs back right away, and he'd win in November.  In a landslide.  Hands down!

Unfortunately, he's letting this only opportunity slip through his fingertips.  So, what he's left with is the highest unemployment since the Great Depression in the 1930s and the lowest stock market in many years.  Not a great sales pitch to win a re-election.

But he could have had one.  He could have used this opportunity.  And he still can.  Let's just see if he gets sick of this whole situation yet...and what he does next.

We'll see.

In the meantime, let's focus on you.  And let's pretend that there isn't a single politician who has your best interests at heart (because you'd be hard-pressed to find one anyway these days).

What do YOU do for yourself and your family to survive this big economic tsunami that is about to completely devastate people in ways that we've never seen before?  What can you do to not only scrape by but to thrive and become wealthy?

There IS a way.  It's the way that the super-rich use.  It's through using OPM or Other People's Money.

Now is the time that you must PROTECT your credit rating no matter what you do.  And if you're already finding yourself slipping behind in car payments, bills, etc., time to get that sh** squared away before it's too late.

I have something for you.  It's my new Credit Secrets Revealed book.  Which you don't even have to pay for.  You just have to cover $9.97 in shipping/handling costs.  That's it.

And I want you to have it now!  Your financial future depends on it.

But, even better, if you upgrade your order in any way (particularly by getting the $97 video set or any of the other optional upgrades), I'll throw in 5 BRAND NEW unsecured cash resources that can get you a fast (like overnight) $5,000 to $35,000 (and one source can get you $100,000) even if you have bad credit.


The awesome thing about the 2020 Depression (vs. the Great Depression of the 1930s or the Great Recession of post-2008) is that banks are being FORCED to lend money to people via the US Government to AVOID us going into a major economic collapse.  So, unlike the last two devastating economic collapses, the banks are STILL LENDING MONEY.  You just have to know HOW to get the most money, WHO to get it from, and WHAT to use it for to actually start building wealth during these uncertain economic times.

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See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main



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