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Tuesday, April 21 2020

I had a conversation last week with one of my students who is a nurse.  We were both talking about how flabberghasted we are over our entire world shutting down...for a flu.

Especially since she told me something that I kind of suspected all along.

She said, "Covid has been around for years."  She didn't say when she thought Covid came into the picture.  I should have asked.

Many medical professionals who have been around the block have said the same thing.  And it's what I've suspected all along.  Covid (Coronavirus) is nothing new.

Then I started thinking about it today.

I thought of a time back in June 2016 when I had gotten sicker than I had ever been in my entire life.

I was at the tail-end of my MFA program in Palm Springs.  It would be my last full semester before my "thesis" semester (in the fall) then onto graduation (in December).  Having been in the program long enough, I knew that Thursdays were "dark" so I could leave Palm Springs on Wednesday after my last workshop (ending at 4pm) and drive back to LA since my daughter had a play that I did NOT want to miss.  So, I went back home for her play knowing that I had to be back by 1:30pm on Friday for my next mandatory workshop.

So, the play was cute.  It was outside, hot as hell, and I had to stand the entire time...feeling like I was going to pass out at any given second.  I found myself leaning against the building to stabilize my body.  All of a sudden, I noticed this Asian guy getting really close to me.  And he came out of nowhere!  Please note that I was standing toward the back near the completely empty basketball courts so I had no idea where this dude manifested from.  There was no need for his sudden imposition of my personal space, as there was plenty of space behind and to the left of me.  But he was uncomfortably in my space bubble so...I turned around to mad dog him when -- I kid you not -- he sneezed ON my face.  Yes, sneezed right in my f****** face!

After more than a few curse words (yes, during the elementary school play, no less...thankfully the music was pretty loud and nobody heard), I stomped off to the otherside of the courtyard to escape the lewd and rude Asian guy.

(Think I'm being racist?  I don't give a sh**.  This is a REAL story of something that REALLY happened to me and, yes, it just so happened to be an Asian guy who sneezed in my freaking face during my daughter's grade school play.  And yes, I do feel like he did it on purpose because of how close he chose to get to me.  And, for the record, NO, I do NOT believe that all Asian people are like this...quite the contrary.  The vast majority have been very nice and respectful to me so, please DO NOT take this the wrong way.)

So, I had one more overnight I could pull off before I had to start driving back to school the next day.  I left late Friday morning for my 2-hour drive back to Palm Springs.

Dead in the middle of my trip, I could feel my body quickly going from "just okay" to "deathly ill."  I vaguely remember stopping at a 7-11 near my final stop in Palm Springs, grabbing any and every type of over-the-counter medicine because I knew I was going down for the count.

I barely made it to my hotel which was right down the street.

The next several days were miserable.  I couldn't get out of bed.  I couldn't breathe.  My temperature was sky high.  Because I was so sick, I was actually asked to NOT participate in the workshops because everybody else was afraid of getting sick.  This would be the sickest I was in my entire adult life.

Now, I'm not saying I had Covid-19.  Maybe I had another version.  (Perhaps Covid-16?)  Maybe it was a different strand or the "beginner" strand compared to what's ravaging the world right now.  Maybe it was the version on a kid bike with training wheels compared to what we have now which would be the version on a souped up Harley-Davidson.  I don't know.

But what bothers me is how malicious the intent was behind the Asian guy who PURPOSELY got up on me and sneezed in my face.  Even the two women standing near me were completely repulsed by his actions to the point where they dispersed like cockroaches the moment he sneezed on me.

Was this the beginning of this?  Was this a milder version of what we now know as Covid-19?  I don't know.  But the facts do bother me:  (1) this guy intentionally invaded my space ON PURPOSE, (2) sneezed on my face ON PURPOSE, and (3) I was on death's door within 48 hours, quicker than any other illness in my life and sicker than any other time before (and since).  I literally thought I was going to die.

Even worse, it took me a solid 3 weeks just to feel "normal" again.  (And this was mostly because of a liquid supplement called Cold & Flu Shot by

While I don't know what's really going on in the world these days, I do know that there are some pretty crappy people out there.  At best, this guy is just a space invader who doesn't know the customary "space bubble" us Americans like to have.  At worst (and I do believe this to be the case), this guy is a terrorist trying to hurt an elementary school (sneezing all over children and parents), at your local pizza parlor (sneezing all over the salad bar), at your local grocery store (sneezing all over the vegetables and fruits), and doing these things ON PURPOSE because he's a terrorist with the intent on hurting Americans.

And that really sucks.  Doesn't it?  Absolutely!

I'm not one who looks to hate groups of people or anybody for that matter.  But I am very observant and I do know the difference between an "oops, so sorry" incident versus something that is malicious in intent.  And this guy...he was malicious.  Who knows how many people he infected at that school?  Who even knows if he had a child who attended that school?!  Or if he was just there -- as a terrorist -- to infect people.  After all, he did seem odd.  He had nobody else with him.  And after the play was over, he didn't seem to have a child go up to him.  He just...disappeared.

Maybe he really was a terrorist.  And I didn't think anything of it...

Until now. 

Until realizing that I was a victim of terrorism and I was possibly part of one of the early Covid illnesses...before Covid got ridiculously deadly.  I was part of the "experimental" batch of infected people.

What is the whole intent on people doing this?  Or countries like China wanting to bring us down like this?  I don't know...especially since they heavily depend on us to economically survive.  Why they want to demolish us makes no sense to me.

Now, some may argue that the Chinese don't like Trump.  Fine. does that explain the Asian guy sneezing on me in June of 2016...and purposely infecting me before Trump was elected later that year?

Perhaps I'm making too much of this.  Who knows?!  Maybe it really was just happenstance that this guy drifted into my space bubble within inches from my neck and sneezed on me.  Maybe it really was an accident.  I don't know.  But I do know that I had never been so deathly ill in my life.

I know things are getting scary out there.  And things didn't even start getting heavy duty yet when it comes to the politics within all this.  (That's going to happen this fall.)

What do we focus on during these uncertain times?

I'll tell you what to focus on:  YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

And that's it.  That's all you can and should do!

Your best bet is to stop watching the news, stop getting sucked in to what's going on in the world, and just focus on YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

So...what are you going to do?  The sands of change are quickly shifting beneath our feet...again.  And if you thought we all had to make a lot of adjustments after the crash of 2008, that was just a dress rehearsal for what I believe is about to come in the months and years ahead of us.

You will likely have to re-invent yourself.  You may have to change jobs, professions, or careers.  The job or business you have now (or had in the recent past) may not be sustainable in the months to come.

Have you thought about what you plan on doing?  Have you thought about a new career yet?

I have something you may want to check out.  Now, as a fair warning...this is NOT for everybody.  In fact, this won't be for MOST of you.

During the volatility of the past month regarding the stock market, we've had a handful of students that made over $200,000 during this time.  Of course, this money isn't guaranteed to be made.  But there is a methodology behind how to make this kind of money.

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about.

Again, this is NOT for everybody and it may not be for you either.  You'll know if it's of interest to you the moment you CLICK HERE.  This is one of those things that will either be a "hell yes" or a "hell no" and nothing in between.  And if you happen to be's probably a "hell no" for you.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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