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Saturday, April 04 2020

Many of you know that I don't see my brother very often nor do I talk to him all that much.

But last week, out of the blue, I decided to call him to see how he and his kids are doing in light of the whole world coming to a screeching halt.

And I found out something shocking.

He told me that he had all of the symptoms of the Coronavirus starting in late December and moving through January.  This was long before COVID-19 was a "thing."  Long before it was anything other than a flu or some other "bug."  And even if he did go to the doctor (which he didn't), they would have told him nothing and to go home to rest.  Just like for any other kind of flu.

He said it was the shittiest flu he ever had.  He said it lingered and it took him almost 4 weeks to kick it with plenty of rest and self care.  Both his adult children got it an they barely exuded any symptoms at all.  I guess kids can be more durable than adults at times.

The important thing is that he survived.  And that's a blessing.

Now, I get how serious the Coronavirus is.  I get it.

But I want to snap you back into reality for just one moment.  So, shut off the news and listen to me.  Just for a minute, okay?

  • In the 2018/2019 flu season (which was the one before this one), the CDC estimated that the burden of illness during the last flu season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths.
  • In the 2017/2018 flu season, surprisingly, was estimated to have 45 million influenza illnesses, 21 million influenza-associated medical visits, 810,000 influenza-related hospitalizations, and 61,000 influenza-associated deaths, much higher than the 2018/2019 season.
  • In the 2016/2017 flu season, there was an estimated 29 million influenza illnesses, 14 million influenza-associated medical visits, 500,000 influenza-related hospitalizations, and 38,000 influenza-associated deaths.

Is anybody seeing where I'm going with all this?

With the Coronavirus, there are over 300,000 confirmed U.S. cases (and many more, like my brother, that went "unconfirmed") and, so far, around 8,500 deaths.  Of course, this isn't something to sneeze at, as each life is significant and valuable. I missing something here?  By the way, I should mention, that the flu season officially ends next month to start the 2020/2021 flu season thereafter.

I asked a panicked student a couple of weeks ago why he was becoming unglued about this whole Coronavirus thing and he said this:

"Because there isn't a cure!"

I see.  No cure!

Of course!  That's the reason for panic!  Right?


Well, wait just a dog-gone minute!  There's no freaking cure for the regular flu either.

You see, a few years back I was sicker than a dog and had an important speaking event coming up.  I knew I had the flu and I needed to kick it fast.  So, I went to the doctor who told me I had the flu.  And guess what he told me next?  "There's nothing I can give you so go home, drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest."  And that's it.  I dragged myself to the doctor's office, wasting the physical energy that I didn't have, for nothing...

Just to find out...


So, we stop the entire country.  We're all sitting at home as if we're on house arrest.  And if you live in California, you'd definitely feel like you're on house arrest because we, in Los Angeles County, have been threatened on a daily basis that if we go to work, we may get arrested if it's not a mandatory operation.  And yes, people have already gotten arrested for keeping their businesses open.  Yep, you read that right.  And while I get that safety is a priority, why make people criminals for trying to make a living, for crying out loud?

I've never seen our entire country stop over a flu.  Yes, it is serious.  I'm not denying its seriousness.  But let's not let the real perspective of reality blindside you.  Or any of us for that matter.  After all, the average amount of deaths every year for the past 3 flu seasons was over 44,000.  While that's a lot of people, the flu is just a thing that we all got used to.  We all know about flu season.  We brace for it every year.  And if we're smart, we try to boost our immune systems in preparation for it...or not.  Or we just bulldoze through it because we don't have a choice in the matter.  It's all part of

So, the reason I'm telling you this is to put things into perspective because maybe your mind has run a bit rampant with all the bad press and media swirling around COVID-19.  And while it is serious, so is every other flu, bug, and virus that hits us in any given flu season.  And so is every loss of life.  But it doesn't mean we all just...stop living and hide under the covers at home.  That won't stop the viruses in the world.  It just stops us from enjoying life which is what life is for.  To enjoy it.  Not to limit it.

I just think that if I were one who was prone to an illness or a flu because of pre-existing conditions or age...or whatever, I wouldn't want nor expect the entire world to just stop so I wouldn't get sick.  I'd realize that if it's my time to go...if it's time for God to take it'll be.  In fact, it's the contract we signed when we were born.  None of us get to live forever.

One of The Lost Chapters of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich was Chapter 16 when he talked about being VERY CAREFUL in what you let into your mind.  This means fiercely protecting the information you let in to your head, whether it's delivered to you by friends, family, nay-sayers and haters, the media, etc.  And when you let tainted information into your brain, it's much like taking a crystal clear lake and dumping a fire hose into it...then turning on the hose that has nothing but raw sewage coming out of it.  Pretty soon, the lake will go from clean and clear to a toxic cesspool...too toxic to be any good to anyone.

If this is an analogy of your brain and what happens when that sewage fire hose is hooked up to, say, your ear and somebody turns it onto full blast, what enters your head makes what's between your ears so toxic...that's it becomes no good to anyone, including (and especially) to yourself.

So, maybe you should shut off the news and start digging deep within yourself.  Take walks, get some fresh air, meditate, stay in the present instead of worrying about the future, and let the Universe tell you what your next move will be.  You'll be inspired before you know it.

Remember, this too shall pass.  And before you know it, life will move forward again at a hectic break-neck pace like before.  And you'll only wish you took some extra time for yourself during this rare period of time.

CLICK HERE NOW.  I have a special video I'd like you to watch.  It may give you the inspiration you're looking for.

Stay safe, my friend.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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