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Friday, March 13 2020

For those of you who are registered for the upcoming Internet Cash Flow Money Funnel 4.0 Bootcamp Seminar (March 20th - 22nd)...

We are still on!  And I'll be there, even if you're not.

And if you didn't register yet, there's still time.  CLICK HERE NOW!

Listen, I know this Coronavirus is freaking everybody out.  And if I don't stop and logically think things through, sometimes I tend to get sucked into the enormity of what's going on worldwide.

But then, I stop to think...

Hmmm...the regular run-of-the-mill flu each year kills many more people than what this Coronavirus so far...and likely ever will.

And, the demographics of the people who die from the Coronavirus are, well...the same kinds of people who are adversely affected by the flu.  Older with pre-existing health conditions.


How is this different than any other ole flu?

Well, there seems to be a mad panic about this one in particular.  Maybe it's because there isn't any ready-made "cure" for people.

Yet, interestingly enough, if you do research, you'll find that:

Yes, people have been recovering from the Coronavirus.

Yes, many of those people have taken antibiotics or just sat tight with lots of rest, liquids, and vitamins.

Yes, many have successfully recovered from this flu...just like any other.

So, if you're one of those people who quickly and easily succumbs to mass panic, you'll probably never do well as an internet marketer anyway because you're too easily thrown off course, whether it be by the news, the next shiny penny that comes along, or if a butterfly happens to fly by.

And you'd be better off fighting for toilet paper and bottled water at Costco than attending this event...which is ONLY for those who are truly serious about making money with the Money Funnel 4.0 Strategies.

So...that's my take on it.

I'll be in Detroit.  At least that's the plan.  And the only thing that will prevent me from going is if Delta tells me they're not flying from LAX to DTW on March 19th (the day before the event).

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  I have an incredible mentorship group starting next week for those of you who are my hard-core real estate investor students and who need cash for deals.  Since the economy will now fluctuate (which is what all of us real estate investors have been waiting for) and we'll be able to get deals (and more inventory) in the months to come, money from banks will be harder to get.  This is why I recommend THIS strategy to get funds for your deals.  CLICK HERE to find out about joining my Get Money for Deals Mastery Group.  I'll only be doing ONE of these groups and it begins on March 18th.  CLICK HERE NOW!

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