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Friday, February 28 2020

I'm pretty sure I started warning everyone that this was coming...back in late summer of 2016.  Then the "reports" came out after the close of the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2016 substantiating everything I said: that the "sub-prime" credit bubble was set to burst.  Again.

And now the numbers are worse than ever before, even to the point where Warren Buffet decided to sell off his stake in Wells Fargo, a noted sub-prime lender of all kinds of sub-prime debt including car loans, signature loans, home mortgages, etc.

Apparently nobody learned ANYTHING from pre-2008.  And if they did learn any lessons, they've certainly forgotten them already.

As of the close of the 4th quarter 2017, approximately 6 million people (all with credit scores below 620) were 3 or more months late on their car payments.  Even worse, car loans are STILL being made to people with FICO scores of around 520.  These people shouldn't be given a loan for ANYTHING let alone a new (or used) car.  This is when the beginning of the new "credit bubble" became apparent.

And yes, banks have already restricted lending on -- you guessed it -- REAL ESTATE because they have to start hedging their bets against the astronomical losses on all kinds of loans that they're already taking.

Fast forward to today...the real estate market has been really soft in market leading areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York...for AT LEAST a year or longer.  The stock market has been sucking wind for awhile.

And we've all been holding our breath, waiting for that "one little thing" which would be the "tipping point."  All of us in the financial world knew it would be something but never would we have guessed it to be a rapid-spreading deadly flu out of China.

This is the tipping point.


Well, your largest manufacturing country in the world has shut down production where it counts and you'll start to notice this as things on the shelves of Walmart vanish, making it look like a store in Russia after a natural disaster...with nothing left to be had on the shelves.  Prices will go up.  After all, it's the basic rule of "supply and demand."  And this will begin rattling the economy at it's core, namely the bottom-dwellers or those living paycheck to paycheck as is.

Don't believe me?  Just wait another few weeks, if that.  If you haven't noticed already, you will.  Products that you took for granted that would always be cheap and available on store shelves will no longer be available.  Or it will be 3 times what you're used to paying.  Multiply that by thousands of your favorite widely-used products that you depend on and...well, that's a recipe for personal bankruptcy.

But, did you know that instead of suffering with the rest of the commoners or the "lower 85%" of the pyramid, you could actually MAKE MONEY quickly as the market drops?  Yes, in fact, there's never been a time to make faster money than when the market drops like a lead balloon.

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And no, this is definitely NOT for everybody.  But, this COULD BE FOR YOU!


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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