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Wednesday, December 04 2019

Years ago I bought a money-making manual off of eBay which was by a guy named Vincent James called The $77 Million Manual.  I heard about this guy through a highly-regarded copywriter by the name of Gary Halbert (God rest his soul) who was (and still is in many circles) revered as the best copywriter who ever lived.

The manual -- if that's what you want to call it -- was riddled with endless amounts of mistakes, English misspellings, grammatical errors -- not to mention all of the paragraph formatting being all over the page -- making it very difficult to read because he wrote it within days of being hauled off to prison to do a sentence concerning the legal mishaps with his $77-million-dollar company.  

What was awesome about this book (if you can still find it anywhere) is that it gives you his EXACT blueprint to create a multi-million-dollar direct marketing empire INCLUDING what NOT to do to get into legal trouble like he did.

For me didn't matter how many errors there are in a text provided that it's giving me a MAP to become SUPER SUCCESSFUL in whatever I'm reading about.

As the $77 Million Manual did for me.

You see, the important part of this story is that I DID follow Vincent's advice (with some tweaks and minor changes) and started a company called Brie Labs based on his business model.  And within mere months the company turned into a CASH COW, bringing in millions of dollars based on his basic business structure as he outlined in his manual.

And to think...if I would have discounted his manual because of the misspelled words, grammatical issues, imperfections, I would have been running around like the rest of the unsuccessful "perfectionists" who won't dare follow through with ANY book, course, manual or other text that has a single misspelled word or one single grammatical error because, after all, that IS the ONLY reason you're reading a book about business or investing, right?  

Because you're trying to play self-appointed editor-and-chief?

It would be just as stupid to criticize a treasure map that can lead you to a $77 million dollar gold bullion mother-load because somebody misspelled some words on the map as he was trying to describe where the gold was buried.

Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!

This was during one of my past rants about how a student sent me an email about how my 100K in 100 Days book was really good but...he noticed some grammatical errors that he wanted to correct for me, becoming the unwanted wannabe English professor or something.  So, instead of focusing on the multi-million-dollar TESTED-AND-PROVEN BLUEPRINT MAP that was provided in the book, he decided he wanted to complain about a misspelled word here and there...and an incorrectly executed sentence a couple of times in the book INSTEAD.


And then it's people like him who wonder -- as they regularly cry in their beer -- why success evades them constantly.  It's because they can't get out of their own way, that's why!

What's awesome about what I'm doing now is that I'm teaching my students how to follow MY EXACT blueprint business plan that I've been using for the past several years (since 2011 to be exact) that YOU can now use to build your OWN multi-million-dollar empire using direct mail marketing as the main strategy to bring in droves of orders (and money)!

And I've giving you this entire blueprint for only $37 (plus $7 shipping/handling).


Because I want you to have it, use it, and make money with it.

That's why. 

I'm lowering the barrier of entry so that EVERYONE can have this money-making blueprint and so that NO ONE can make a single excuse as to why they don't have the access to this powerful life-changing secret success treasure map.  If you can afford to take a family of 4 to McDonald's to each can afford the cost of the 100K in 100 Days Package.

This package includes:

* The 100K in 100 Days Book

* The 100K Treasure Map

* A Flash Drive Which Includes: (1) A Complete Audio Seminar, (2) My Most Successful Online Money-Making Clones, and (3) Full Instructions on Setting Up These Clones in LESS THAN ONE HOUR!

I explain exactly what's in this package in a quick video which you can see by CLICKING HERE right now!

Listen, we can always make excuses as to why this isn't possible or that won't work...or whatever you want the latest excuse to be.  But, when I remove just about every barrier of entry (you just have to cough up $37 plus s/h and you have to actually read the book and go through the materials with it)...what other excuse could you possibly have?

Yes, that's when things get REAL...don't you think?  And that REAL space can kind of be scary.  Because...what DOES happen when all barriers are removed?  Then you're left with the reality that maybe something else is going on inside of you that is stopping you from success.  Like maybe you're not that motivated enough.  Or maybe you just don't have the energy or the time.  Or maybe you're just flat out lazy.  Or whatever.

Or maybe you do want success...and you just needed that ONE SHOT.  That ONE Eminem says in his song Lose Yourself.

And this is it.  This is that ONE SHOT for you.

CLICK HERE to get this deal NOW...while supplies last!

I strongly suggest you get this one.  Even if you ignore or skip out on everything else I offer, GET THIS ONE!


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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