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Saturday, October 26 2019

You know what's screwed up about society?  

There are A LOT of people (especially those who are part of the Millennial generation) who feel everything.

They don't want to work hard.  Or work at all.  But yet they want a paycheck.  For doing very little...or nothing.

They want to go from a ZERO to a BALLER in a few weeks' time...without doing much work.

This is what I like to call the "lottery ticket" mentality.

Except this group of people is either too lazy or cheap to go get the $1 lottery ticket in the first place!

My assistant Holly turned out to be one of these people.  She's a self-entitled "the-world-owes-me-a-living-because-I'm-breathing" lazy and unskilled Millennial who wanted to start with my company and move from the "mail room" to the "corner window office as company CEO" within no time flat.

And because I won't allow for anyone with little skills to make that kind of leap without...well, first LEARNING THE JOB and then BUILDING SKILLS OVER TIME...she decided that she would just TAKE the CEO pay for herself as she ran payroll...starting from about March and ending in September when I fired her.  She was making as much money as I was making from my own company when I looked at all the payroll records of what each of us were being paid.

Except that Holly doesn't have nearly the skill set to be earning what I earn from my own company as CEO.

She can't write a business letter to save her life, let alone a sales letter.  She can't build a website.  She can't sell anything.  She can't create products, speak at seminars, or do the myriad of other things I do.

She can sit at a desk, answer the phone, and do data entry in Excel or QuickBooks.  And that's about it.  Yet she wanted to be paid a much higher paycheck for her menial position thinking all the while that she deserved her self-imposed pay raise...without my authorization, of course.

Even more tacky, she was telling some of my long-time friends at some of my events that I wasn't paying her enough money.  Huh?  Bitch, you just started working for me only a few months back.  What the hell do you think this is??

Since I cannot comment about the legal aspects of this case, I will say that I was deeply hurt and blindsided by her fraud and embezzlement because I did consider her to be a friend.  (Perhaps that was my mistake.)  But, it goes to show you that those who try to befriend you (in the capacity of an underling such as an employee), it's solely for the purposes of full-fledged manipulation and taking advantage of you down the road.

As with, what I discovered, was the premeditated intention that she had with me.

Perhaps this is why she invited me out to "hang out" or to watch movies at her house.  She figured that if she got close to me in that way, I'd let down my guard and I'd trust her...allowing for her plan of theft to be played out in its entirety.  It worked.  For a short time, anyway.

But I did warn I warn EVERYONE who begins employment with me:

"You may take me for a fool today...or tomorrow.  But if something is amiss within my operation, I ALWAYS figure it out, sooner or later.  ALWAYS!  And nobody gets away with anything with me."

And she won't get away with this.  At all!  (More to come about this...I'll keep you posted.)

So now I'm in the office, steaming.  In fact, if I looked in the mirror, I'd probably see a red face (much like the angry red Emoji face) with steam coming out of my ears.  

Of course, with all negative energy...more negative energy attracts itself to me.  And now to I have to deal with a couple of jerk-off students who sent me emails, essentially telling me that the world owes them a living and since the world isn't giving them the living that they believe their automatically entitled to, they're mad...especially at me for not parting the waters for them.  (Since I must be viewed as a magical wizard by some.)  Once such lame-oid is too lazy to follow a very clearly laid out SIMPLE set of instructions that my investor partner presented for all partnership deals.  So, because she's lazy and doesn't want to do the stuff on the list, she's deciding that she wants to get irate with me.  Don't get irate with me because you're lazy and don't want to follow SIMPLE instructions!  Don't get mad at me because you order courses and videos from me, decide to do NOTHING with it (because a leprechaun didn't pop out of the box to DO the stuff FOR you), and then demand a refund while REFUSING to send any of the stuff back to me.

So, guess what, Lazy Lady (and you know who it is I'm talking to), look at the OTHER students who AREN'T complaining, who are just DOING the work, and who are becoming HUGELY SUCCESSFUL because they're working the steps in the system!  See how easy it is when you STOP BITCHING and START DOING??  Loser.

These are students that go on what I call a BLACKLIST.  Yes, I do have a BLACKLIST in my office.  It's not very long but some students end up on this list and they're not allowed to do anything, order anything, show up at anything having to do with me in the future.  It's an IMPOSSIBLE LIST to get off of.  I never relent when it comes to people begging (and they all end up begging at some point) to get off that list.  (Word to the wise:  DO NOT GET ON MY BLACKLIST!)

Now, to be CRYSTAL CLEAR, not all of my money-making systems are for everybody.  And this one (the one you'll find when you CLICK HERE) is no exception.  In fact, it's probably for FEWER of you than any of my other money-making opportunities that I offer. 

The awesome thing about this investment plan is that the steps are so simple, most people can figure this out pretty quickly.  So...people with rocks behind their ears WILL have problems following these basic instructions, as they probably do with every other basic thing in their lives.  So, if you're looking for an opportunity with simple steps, this is something you definitely want to consider.  However, IF you cannot follow simple instructions, don't bother looking into this further.  It's not for you!

Only you know which category you fall into.  Are you in the Simple-Instruction-Following Category?  Or the Dumb-Ass-NON-Instruction-Following Category?

If you're in the Simple-Instruction-Following Category then you can get money from my investor IF you apply and IF you follow the simple instructions provided.

Since that encompasses you, I recommend that you CLICK HERE to check this out.  You'll know right away if this is something for you.  Or not.  Either way, I won't be offended.

CLICK HERE to check this out now!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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