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Friday, September 27 2019

I've finally decided that I'm DONE with larger events and seminars for good.  I'm ONLY interested in doing very small hands on workshops from this point further.  Why is this?

I'm contemplating something brand new in my life, especially in light of all the employee disasters I've had to suffer through over the past couple of weeks.  Doing larger seminars...OUT!  Doing another real estate mentorship group...OUT!

Right now I'm trying to decide if it's worthwhile for me to continue teaching people at all...or not.  It seems that very few listen to me.  Many attend my events, workshops and mentorship groups but few follow through.  Yes, those who DO follow through become massively successful because what I teach is real, relatively easy to understand and implement, and is life-changing for those who let it.  Some of my students are making millions a year now.  But what bothers me are those who are still sitting on their asses doing nothing.  Why is that?  Why are they sitting there...doing nothing??  I don't get it and I've started to take some of this personally.  Actually, I'm now taking it as a direct personal insult, truth be told.


Did you hear that?  That's the part where I just dropped the mic at my recent Vegas Event.  (I didn't literally drop the mic.  That's just a metaphor for...I'm done.  But you get the point.)

In the meantime, I have something pretty unique and outrageous that came across my desk only a short time ago.  It seems that my old money broker -- Ron Espinoza -- in light of his successful distribution business, has decided to give up his DIRECT CONTACT to one of the main companies he deals with to get cash for both residential and apartment building deals...INCLUDING getting cash for rehabbing.

Yes, you can now have DIRECT ACCESS to this PRIVATE MONEY SOURCE to get you cash for your residential and apartment building deals PLUS rehab money (if needed).

CLICK HERE to find out how to get this direct source!  (This is LIMITED to only 12 people.  Take it or leave it!)

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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