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Friday, August 23 2019
He's Gone!

Many of you may know the marketing "guru" by the name of Dan Kennedy.  I've known Dan since the mid-1990s when I subscribed to a newsletter he had called No B.S. Inner Circle.  And over the years, not only has he been a guru and mentor to me but I'd like to believe we've become good friends too.

This picture above was taken this past April when we went out to dinner in Cleveland after I was at his house taking part in some marketing consulting I wanted for a new business venture.

And I saw him again during his 3-day Cleveland annual Mid-Year "Dan Only" Event called Mail Box Millions 2.0.'s a shock to tell you that he's DECEASED as of August 21st.

Yes, he passed away!

I'm still in shock.  I just talked to his long-time assistant Vicky on the phone yesterday morning who was still talking as if he was alive in hospice care, living out his final hours.  Maybe she did or didn't know that he had passed the day before...or was living in denial...or maybe didn't want to tell me because I was already in tears when I was talking to her.

Dan was a diabetic but, as far as I could tell, he kept the disease under tight control.  But...something happened just in the past couple of weeks which shook his health off balance in a way that could not be balanced out again.  A variety of illnesses that, perhaps, could have been easily dealt with and healed one at a time, hit him all at once and his body wasn't able to recover.

He went from doing fine at the beginning of this month to dead only 3 weeks later.

Oh, and I should mention that he's only in his 60s.  Pretty young to die of "natural causes," if you ask me.

This just goes to show you that you never know when you're time is going to be up.  And for all of you who are waiting for a "better time" to do something -- whether it's to start your new business, start investing, or start taking some more time with friends and family, maybe traveling -- start doing it NOW, for crying out loud!!  What are you waiting for?  Your life here can end at any moment without notice.  STOP MESSING AROUND AND START DOING THE THINGS YOU'VE BEEN PUTTING OFF!!


Life is too short to be dickering around, making excuses, and telling yourself the "someday I will" monologue as you get ready for work to fight traffic for yet another day...another week...another month...another year...and another decade waiting to live your dreams.

Your dreams don't come to you.  You go to your dreams.  Period.  That's just how it works.  And if you're waiting for your dreams to come to you'll end up passing away before you know it, not having done any of the stuff you wanted to do.

Don't let that happen to you!  Please!!  Start living now.  Start living TODAY!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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