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Wednesday, July 03 2019
How the System is Set Up for You to FAIL!

Above you'll see a picture of two men taken sometime after the crash of the stock market back in the fall of 1929 when so many people had lost their jobs.  We were still kind of a young country by definition back then.  Still wet behind the ears.  Not "hip" to the financial game yet.

And this is why the Great Depression happened to begin with.

You see, the elite and those who control the entire world realized during this earth-shattering period that you have to keep the game going if you're going to keep reaping the benefits of the pyramid that's been created.

Take the game Monopoly, for example.  In fact, this is very close to how the economy is set up.  Only a few take control over everything while everybody else spins their wheels and pays the piper every time they go around the board.  Eventually the system is set up to wipe everybody out in the end, except for those who control everything.

I remember playing my brother a rather cut-throat game of Monopoly where I bought mostly everything and he went around the board paying more and more rent as I acquired my houses, then hotels.

Before long, he was bankrupt.  OUT of the game entirely.

Then I got bored.  The game was over for him.  But most importantly, it was ALSO over for me too because he couldn't afford to pay me anymore.

This is what happened in 1929 (and thereafter) with the stock market crash and the subsequent Great Depression as we stumbled into the 1930s.  The elite realized something pretty significant... "Yes, it's a great idea to rake everybody over the coals as much as we can, bleeding all the turnips dry.  But what happens when there's not another drop of blood to be had?"

Hence, the Great Lesson of the Great Depression.  The elite and all the powers that be realized that EVERYBODY still has to remain in the game...some way, somehow...otherwise THEY cannot get rich anymore either.

This forced them to restructure the game a little differently.

Fast forward to 2008.  Notice how it wasn't an exact replay of the Great Depression?  This is because "they" (the elite) realized that they had to keep the game afloat as to keep the players playing because without the players, EVERYBODY goes bankrupt (including them).

This is where CREDIT played a heavy hand in bailing out the failing financial system at that time.  And if you think the money came from the government in the form of "government bail outs," think again.  The green light on floating this money actually came from the elite and those who control the puppet strings of our entire system INCLUDING our financial and government systems.

Did you know that once you understand HOW the elite and other super wealthy use CREDIT to move and gain wealth, that YOU can ALSO use this very same system to gain wealth yourself?

Yes, not only is it highly possible, it's HIGHLY PROBABLE once you understand HOW the game works and HOW to use it for your personal wealth-building advantage.

CLICK HERE to watch a brief video that will show you exactly what I'm talking about.

The system will NEVER get better for you.  It's not designed for lower-level, low-echelon people to ever get a grasp as success, wealth, and prosperity on a bigger scale.  That's just not how this system is built.

But YOU CAN work the system to your financial benefit -- just like multi-millionaires and billionaires do -- but only IF you understand how to do it.

CLICK HERE to find out how now!

As a side note, October 24, 2019 marks the 90th anniversary of the day the stock market crashed in 1929, setting off the insurmountable tidal waves through the financial system that resulted in a long blistering depression.  The men in the picture both included their addresses on the posters hung around their neck.  While both these men are long gone, the homes in which they resided are still standing in Chicago.  Back then they had no means, education, or ability to be able to capitalize on our credit system like we do now.  And how different both their lives would have been if they had this advantage.  In the very least, they would never have found themselves in the awkward and humble position of standing on a street corner for work. forward to TODAY, my friend.  YOU have the advantage these men didn't have.  You have the ability to capitalize on opportunities by using OPM in ways that NOBODY (except the elite) had back then.

Why squander another moment by being a "victim" of how things are?  Especially when you have a distinct advantage that wasn't available until the last decade or so?

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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