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Saturday, June 15 2019

A long while back I told you about this thing I got off eBay: The Vincent James' $77 Million Manual...and how it helped me create a multi-million dollar health supplement company from scratch.

For the manual itself, it was riddled with endless amounts of mistakes, English misspellings, grammatical errors, and was very difficult to read because he wrote it within days of being hauled off to prison to do a sentence concerning the mishaps with his company.  (Yes, he ended up going to jail for lying in his advertising about "clinical trials" that he never did while putting people on credit card auto-pay, making it next to impossible for them to get off of auto-billing.)  But, I believe you can LEARN from other people's mistakes just as well as their successes.  What was awesome about this book (if you can still find it anywhere) is that it gives you his EXACT blueprint to create a multi-million-dollar direct mail marketing empire INCLUDING what NOT to do to get into legal trouble like he did.  (He does talk at great length about what NOT to do which is critical for EVERY business to know!)

What I didn't quite get (especially with some of my students) is that they complain if one little thing is "off" or "wrong" with a book or manual, particularly with a misspelling or grammatical errors.  My point was that, to me, it didn't matter how many errors there are in a text provided that it's giving me a MAP to become SUPER SUCCESSFUL in whatever I'm reading about.

As the $77 Million Manual did for me.

I DID follow Vincent's advice (with some tweaks and minor changes) and started a company called Brie Labs and then California Glow based on his precise business model.  And within mere months BOTH COMPANIES turned into a CASH COW, bringing in millions of dollars based on his basic business structure as he outlined in his manual.  All because I didn't care about the misspellings and slapped together text of the book.

And to think...if I would have discounted his manual because of the misspelled words, grammatical issues, I would have been running around like the rest of the unsuccessful "perfectionists" who won't dare follow through with ANY book, course, manual or other text that has a single misspelled word or one single grammatical error because, after all, that IS the ONLY reason you're reading a book about business or investing, right?  Because you're trying to play self-appointed editor-and-chief?  (If you're one of these people, STOP getting in your own way!)

What's awesome about what I'm doing now is that I'm teaching my students how to follow MY EXACT blueprint business plan that I've been using for the past several years (since 2011 to be exact) that YOU can now use to build your OWN multi-million-dollar empire using my very unique marketing strategies to help you build a home-based multi-million-dollar business starting from next to nothing!

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See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main 

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