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Friday, May 10 2019
Thank You Sooooooo Much!!

A few days ago, we got back from the most INCREDIBLE Inner Success Retreat EVER in Monterey, California.  If you missed it, you missed something AMAZING.  If you were there (and you know who you are), THANK YOU for making this such an amazing and incredible event.  Each one of you brought something unique and special to the table, making this the best Inner Success Retreat so far.

I won't be doing another one of these until March 2020.  Hopefully for those of you who didn't make this one, you'll make it a POINT to be at the next one because this is a LIFE-CHANGING experience for each person who comes and does the work.

I even had ANOTHER breakthrough which is quite fitting for Mother's Day coming up on Sunday.  (On Sunday, I'll tell you me heart-wrenching breakthrough surrounding my mother's death and you'll get an idea of how powerful it is to release something that's burdening you so deeply and subconsciously.)

So, in the spirit of Mother's Day, I have an INCREDIBLE DEAL for you.  You'll have to CLICK HERE (to see what this deal is.

In the meantime, for this weekend, make sure you do something special with or for your mom.  If you're lucky enough to have your mom around still, cherish every moment because nothing is forever.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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