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Thursday, April 25 2019

There is only ONE BASE SECRET to making all of your business and investing operations to run smoothly while getting richer and richer: having EXCELLENT credit.

The only piece of relevant business advice my mom ever gave to me was this:  "Always take GOOD CARE of your credit."

Except that I didn't.

Like many people, I ran into some financial difficulties in my early adult life and had to pay the consequences with my credit taking a beating in the process.  Always having been in business and investing, I quickly had to bumble through the credit system to try repairing my own personal credit while rebuilding it.  It was during this time period that I learned the most unorthodox and unconventional credit repair and rebuilding methods that they DON'T teach you in books or courses out there.

And today?  BMW Financial just pulled my credit recently and my FICO scores are in the mid-800s now.  (When I started rebuilding my credit years ago, I was at a mid-400 FICO score so...this is a HUGE difference.)  Needless to say, I'm VERY GOOD at the subject of rebuilding and repairing personal credit which, as you know, is the starting point you need to participate in BEFORE you start building business credit...which ultimately opens all kinds of doors for you to get extremely wealthy using OPM or Other People's Money.

It all starts with credit, folks.  That's where it ALL begins for BOTH business and investing.  You need good credit for business loans, business credit cards, etc.  You need good credit for mortgages on your property deals.  YOU NEED GOOD CREDIT TO DO WELL IN THE BUSINESS WORLD.  Period.  No exceptions!!

Once you have a mid-FICO at or above 720 then you're in decent shape.  You can then tap into OPM, especially my exclusive resources who can get you 100% unsecured cash for your real estate deals.  But...what if you don't have your mid-FICO up that high?  It's okay.  I'm doing something extraordinary.  I'm going to do a THOROUGH training for the FIRST TIME EVER in a very specific, very profitable type of real estate investing that will include showing you how to boost up your FICO (if it's low), how to get 100% unsecured cash for your deals, and how to do these highly profitable deals to help you make a six-figure annual income.

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about!

This is a RARE opportunity that ends soon.  The training starts on May 1st and I'm only taking a handful of students for this.  If this is something you're interested in -- making money in real estate by using 100% of Other People's Money to make these deals happen then you MUST CLICK HERE NOW!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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