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Tuesday, April 23 2019
A Picture of Me, Brie, and My Dad in Pisa, Italy...

Some of you know I went to Tuscany, Italy over spring break.  And I took my dad!

I hadn't seen my dad in over 2 years and then I had the inspiration to call him up and ask him if he'd come to Italy with me.  My dad is 100% Italian and grew up learning Italian and understanding the entire culture.  But he had never been to Italy (or anywhere else for that matter).  His parents never went to Italy either.  It was his grandparents who came from Sicily and Naples, respectively.

My dad told me that Italy was on his bucket list.  I'm sure there are many other things on that list.  My dad never got around to doing much of anything in his life.  He told me recently that he thought life went too fast.  You think you have all this time and then you wake up one day to realize that most of your life has gone by.  All the things you said you'd do still remain undone.  Yet you're not far away from your life being over.

My dad never took big risks.  He never lived his dreams.  He never pushed the envelope on himself.

Are you one of those people?  Do you talk about how "someday" you'll do something then you never do it?
Life's too short, my friend.  It's one thing to talk a big game.  It's a whole other thing to DO the game.

For me, personally, I absolutely HATE traveling.  But this year I'll have visited 8 countries with my daughter.  I travel A LOT with my daughter because I know one day (sooner than later), she'll be an adult with her own family, a job, and a life outside of a life with mom.  So, I travel, taking her all over the world so she can expand her mind, to see things she'd never see within the confines of the little city we live in, and to help her set a pace of not being afraid to experience new things and new places.  I don't want her to ever say "someday" and that someday never comes.  I want her to decide to do something...and to just GO FOR IT.

And I want the same for you too.
Of course, there are always excuses, right?  Maybe there isn't enough time.  Or not enough money.

But what if I could help you get BOTH the time and the money to do those things you've always wanted to do?

CLICK HERE to find out what I have in mind for you!

Don't let life pass you by.  And, by golly, stop blaming everybody else for you not getting the things you want in life.  The buck stops with you!  But the good news is that YOU can have the things you want AND you can get your time back (instead of giving it away to build someone else's dreams).

CLICK HERE and I'll show you exactly how!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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