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Tuesday, March 26 2019

The other day I was playing a ball game in the street with my little girl.  She likes playing with me with these "scoop" things and a Wiffle ball.  She drew these 2 circles, one for me and one for her to stand in.  Then she wanted to keep score with chalk on the sidewalk using a "scoring" system that she could understand, heavily weighing in her favor of course.

So, I started adding things to this "scoring" system.  Such as, if you step out of the circle, you lose a point, even if it's my fault that I throw the ball in such a way to force you out of the circle.  Then I added even more.  If it takes more than 3 seconds to get the ball, you lose 2 points.  I added something else that would make her lose 10 points if she offended the rule.  Before the game really started, she was already in "debt" to the scoring system.  It was getting so ridiculous that she slowly started to see that she couldn't ever win in this losing game I was setting up for her.  This caused her to disregard my scoring system altogether. (Smart girl.)

I started to think about it.  This is exactly how the "money system" is set up for the Average Joes of America.  It's set up so that we all lose UNLESS we're rich, powerful, and elite. This game is actually very well articulated for you to lose.  It has been set up this way for about 100 years and probably was in the "planning works" by the powerful and elite long before it was successfully implemented.

Even worse, most people to this day still don't know that the odds of them scratching and clawing their way out of this avalanche of new laws, rules, and regulations to keep people poor is getting harder and more impossible by the day.

Take a step back and look at it.  Analyze what's going on here.  Understanding what the few powerful families of the entire world are setting you up for.

Every one of us was designed and trained to become a slave for the purposes of supporting only a handful of super wealthy families.  No, it's not as obvious as it used to be when our grandparents were working assembly line jobs in a dead-end factory (that's been long put out of business thanks to China).  Instead, we're blinded by what's really going on with distractions such as the latest iPhone release, video games, endless amounts of "stuff" to watch on television (I just learned what "binge watching" means the other day), and any other distraction you can think of.  If only we'd take a few hours to actually sit, ponder, and think about the "bigger picture" on what's really going on.

Of course, there's not much you can do about the momentum of how the ultra-wealthy have gained and sustained control over the mass population over the past century or two but what you CAN do is take control over your own future.

The first thing you can do is...stop watching so much freaking television, especially the news.  This is numbing your brain into a dummy-ville state.  Stop it.  Lay off the iPad and the video games, too.  This is putting you into a non-existent fantasy land that will only disservice your ability to think creatively as time goes on.

The second thing you can do is...start reading some really good financial magazines.  My all-time favorite is Bloomberg Businessweek.  I also like Forbes and The Economist. Reading only these three (or just Bloomberg alone) will keep you ahead of the curve on rapidly developing changes.  Students often ask me how I just "know" things about real estate and different trends/changes.  It's because I read and I don't watch the useless news anymore, that's why.

The third thing you can do is...understand how "financial leverage" works and how you can use it yourself.  The worst thing that most Average Joes fall for is the "scam" get-rich-quick business model that, at the end of the day, yields exactly nothing for them.  This includes MLM schemes, envelope stuffing, chain letters, or anything else that promotes ultimate laziness while they are supposedly going to get super rich overnight (by doing nothing at all, of course).  None of these things work.  They aren't designed to work for you.  What they are designed for is to give you hope, let you fail, and then make you feel "burned" so you don't step out of line or even think about climbing out of those salt mines that the ultra rich want to keep you enslaved in.

The most powerful form of leverage that I learned about is being able to tap into other people's money (OPM) through credit.  Even more powerful, I learned the "credit on steroids" secret by understanding how business credit works.

Do you want to know what's so sinful about people's basic understanding of economics? Here it is: Average Joes are NOT taught the things that can make them successful entrepreneurs and investors.  They are taught about everything else except these things.

A while back my daughter was learning about President Lincoln.  They are even teaching kids as young as 7 years old about how Lincoln was shot in the head by a guy named Booth.  I'm thinking...WTH?  I went a step further and gave my daughter's teacher a picture of my daughter standing in front of the ACTUAL CHAIR where Lincoln was shot.  (It's in the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit.  And yes, there's still blood on the chair!)

But I started to think about it.  Who f****** cares about Lincoln getting assassinated? What about the economic cycles tied to the Civil War during that time?  Or anything that could be remotely useful about why the guy got shot in the head?

I have a unique understanding of what's going on "behind the scenes" when it comes to economic cycles and the economy at large.  (No, I can't predict everything but neither can the highest regarded economic scholars either.)

This, my friend, is ALL that matters if you want to not only survive (financially) but to THRIVE in our current economy.

Part of this has to do with understanding how to leverage OPM.  The only two (2) ways that I know how to do this is by (1) building business credit, and (2) raising funds through investor partnerships.

I've learned both very well.  And so can you.

Ignorance is the first obstacle to overcome, as this information wasn't for the Average Joe like you and me to ever sink our claws into.  This is the obstacle that I am here to help you overcome.

Getting access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in unsecured business credit isn't hard to do but it can be tricky.  First of all, you can't make any mistakes when setting everything up for this endeavor.  Second, you have to follow suit with a specific strict set of action steps. If you screw up any step or decide to screw it off (and not do it) then your business building activities will suffer drastically.  Third, this doesn't happen overnight.  (Sorry, impatient Americans who want everything today do this correctly will take a few months!)

Think of it this way, though.  To have access to, in the very least, tens of thousands of dollars (by doing a half-assed job) and up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in unsecured business credit in only a few months is amazing.  It'll be summer time then.  You'll be a few months older.  But you'll have MORE leverage than you have now.

Click on this link to listen to a powerful audio on how this works:  CLICK HERE!

So, what do you do with all this credit?  You put it into money-making instruments such as passive income real estate (ideally) or to fund a new business or for other types of investments.  This is how the rich get richer, folks.  It's because they get OPM to allow themselves to get wealthy while the Average Joe wonders how he/she can make more money by trading hours for dollars.  And that is NOT to right way get wealthy. Using OPM for passive income assets and investments is how you do it and I'll show you how to do it if you'll just CLICK HERE NOW!

Time for you to stop accepting the "worker bee" programming "they" installed in you from the moment you entered the school system and start using some of these incredible financial secrets so you can enjoy a piece of this wealth pie that you deserve to have!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  We still have a couple of seats left for the upcoming Inner Success Retreat in Monterey, California on May 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th.  CLICK HERE to check it out now!

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