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Sunday, February 03 2019
Rams or Patriots

Which team (if any) are you rooting for?

I'm not a big sports fan of any kind.  Yes, I do enjoy attending a hockey, basketball or football game here and there.  I find the energy of the crowd quite addicting.

But to watch sports on TV?  Not really my bag.

Except this year.  For this ONE game.  I'll be watching.

The L.A. Rams -- can you believe I'm saying that?  L.A. RAMS?!  After not having a team for...almost FOREVER...we have a TEAM!  (I still can't believe it.)  And it turns out that they're...pretty damn good!  Superbowl good, it seems.

But the Rams aren't special just because they're in L.A. where I'm at.  It's because they came and went from St. Louis...where my mom lived, and died.  She was, in particular, a Rams fan for the opposite reason:

Because they were an L.A. team (where she moved from) and became a St. Louis team (where she moved to).

And now, in an interesting twist of fate, long after her death, they came back here to L.A. and now I get to be a Rams fan.

But...just for this one game only.

Don't think I'm getting carried away with sports or anything.  (My life is just too busy for that.)

So, I want the Rams to win.  And if that offends you...I'm sorry.  I never watch the Superbowl.  I never usually care about these things.

But, as I mentioned above, this one is different.


Aren't you excited?  Aren't you just PUMPED UP for this game??

Maybe not, and that's okay.

I have something else for you to be pumped up about: some INCREDIBLE EXTRAS that I now have going on for my upcoming L.A. event on March 8th, 9th, and 10th.

This INCLUDES getting confirmation from my hugely successful Australian MHP student: Aran Dunlop.  He hasn't spoken about MHPs at any of my events in a VERY long time.  And he's agreed to speak at this one, probably making this his very last Monica Main event.


I have Gary the Money Guy coming out and he can likely process an application for you for an UNSECURED LOAN that you can use for anything...and he can process this loan application RIGHT ON THE SPOT.

Not to mention the 3 investor groups coming in to offer an obscene amount of cash for your deals and business ventures.

Exciting stuff.

So, if you're not pumped up about the Superbowl, get pumped up about MY event because this can make you wealthy...unlike the Superbowl.

CLICK HERE NOW to get registered ASAP!

Also, pretty soon I won't be able to do payment plans anymore for this event.  That deadline is coming up soon.  So, if you need a payment plan, CLICK HERE.

Last chance!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you're interested in the Apprenticeship Group for 2019, CLICK HERE to download your application RIGHT NOW!


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