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Saturday, January 19 2019

I have money for your deals through 3 different investor partners that I'm bringing in through a brand new mentorship Investor Direct Mentorship Group.  This is a special 9-week mentorship group which is going to begin on Wednesday, January 23rd. 

Yes, that's next week.  And that means if you didn't register, you need to register RIGHT NOW.

What's unique about this group is this:

1)  I've never offered a group like this with the investors I have.  And there will NOT be another group like this run in 2019 and, likely, not in 2020 either just because of the agreement I have with these investors.

2)  There is $100 million on the table in cash among these investors for your deals.  This is the largest pot of money I've ever had to offer.

3)  These investors are not just looking for real estate.  They're also interested in business start-ups, buying businesses, and business expansions in addition to real estate deals.

I should also mention this one last thing too...

You see, even though the deadline is on Tuesday to register for this 9-week online Mentorship Group, I'm actually CAPPING this to only a handful of students.  That's right.  Only a HANDFUL of students will be allowed to take advantage of this opportunity.

What does a "handful" actually mean?

At first I wanted it to be 15 - 18 students.  Andrew Shaw (one of my investors) argued with me about this, stating that it was too many.  So, we reduced it to 12 students.  That is the hard cap.  No exceptions.

And right now I'm up to 8 students in this group.  That means I only have 4 spots left.  I imagine they'll be gone by Monday.  Then I'll have to close registration even before the Tuesday deadline.

So, what is this group about?  In 9 weeks (and this is 100% online so you don't have to show up anywhere) I'll be showing you exactly what my investors are looking for, where in the country they are investing, and how to structure a simple proposal that will get accepted by them.

Yes, these investors are ready to work directly with you once you find them something to invest in and send them the proposal that I will give to you to essentially fill in the blanks for.

What's super unique about this is that I've never had this trio of investors before.  And I'll never have this set-up again.

If you're looking for money for your deals (business or real estate...or both) then you MUST sign up for this.  It's an absolute MUST because, as we all know, you need money to make money.  And I have a way for you to get that cash for your deals.

CLICK HERE to listen to a brief audio seminar that talks all about what you will gain with this unique 9-week group.  This is a game-changer.  CLICK HERE NOW to have me explain to you exactly how this is about to change your life.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  This same group of investors PLUS ONE MORE will be offering cash for your deals at my upcoming Underground Secret Event in Los Angeles on March 8th, 9th, and 10th.  And, I may have ONE MORE investor on top of that who will be able to offer up about $10 million for your deals IN CASH.  This is ONLY for those who register and attend this VERY RARE Underground Secret Event.  CLICK HERE to register RIGHT NOW!

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