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Thursday, November 15 2018

I have a little bit of brash news for you.

I've been sensing that things have been a little "off" for awhile now.  And the earliest I can pin-point this "off-ness" would be somewhere in the spring of this year.  And to put my finger more directly on what this means, I started to notice (while living in denial, of course) that our housing market in California started to show signs of cooling down.  And it has been showing these signs for 2 years now!

California tends to lead the trends in our country since we do have the 6th largest economy in the entire world.  I first noticed the "signs" of our recent Great Recession in September 2006 here in southern California.  I noticed a "definite" sign of this in the spring of 2007 when people selling real estate had to start dropping prices just to get buyers...and buyers were becoming scarce during this period.  The rest of the nation wouldn't become neck-deep into this recession until late 2007.  By 2008, everyone who wasn't living under a rock noticed that our economy was totally screwed.  By 2009, even those living under a rock noticed that we were in a deep recession by then.

And now it's repeating itself.  While I've been trying to live in denial about it, it appears that looking the other way won't help it go away (unfortunately).  And just like those first "signs" I noticed back in September of 2006, long before the rest of the nation would have had their first clue of what was to come, I've already gotten that whiff of economic change earlier this year and through the summer, starting with our housing market doing exactly what the market started doing back in the spring of 2007.  Right before the economy went to hell in a hand-basket.

Now...I have good news and bad news for you.

First, the bad news.  We're slipping into a recession as we speak.  Some would call this a "slight" market "correction."  Whatever you want to call it, the slow-down is coming.

And it's coming fast.

I don't know how long it'll last.  I think most time-frames shown or allocated for a recession are short-changed by locale and other factors.  Although many recessions last about a year, the after-effects are usually much, much longer.  (Can you believe "they" said the Great Recession was only 18 months long?  Yeah, right.  More like SEVERAL YEARS long in reality due to the after-effects and massive economic trauma that some industries, still to this day, are still feeling the effects from!)

So, we're slipping into another recession that probably won't become evident to you until early next year.  It'll start to recess more visibly after the election and then will "do its thing" after the first of the year.

Recessions are normal.  Expansion also comes with contraction.  That's just how economics work.  I just think it's too soon, all while our economy is still quite delicate from the last major recessive blow we had!

Why have I had my head in the sand so long over this?  Why hadn't I said something sooner?  Like I said, I was living in denial.  Nobody wants another recession just after our last Great Depression seemingly ended.  And I didn't think the timing was here...yet.  Until I remembered something critical about timing.  CLICK HERE for my mind-blowing realization that made me realize the recession is coming quick!

Once you listen to my short audio seminar (CLICK HERE), you'll probably sh** your pants.  And then say, "Not again!"

But here's the good news in all this.  With a contracted economy means LOWER PRICING on property deals AND a brand new SECRET BUSINESS opportunity that I've NEVER showed my students before.  Not ever!  Now THIS, my friends, is what I have been waiting for!  This is a true game-changer in EVERY WAY!

So I decided to do something I didn't set out to do anymore just to show you how you can wildly profit from this upcoming recession.

CLICK HERE for more info RIGHT NOW!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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