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Sunday, November 04 2018

I have an investor that wants to work with you ASAP.

But...he's looking for SPECIFIC types of properties.

CLICK HERE and I'll tell you all about what he's looking for.

This investor is unique because he is willing to split 50/50 on the vast majority of these deals that he'll be working with you on.

Why is this unique?

Because almost all of my investors will take AT LEAST 67% of the gained equity AND the cash flow of the deals that they will fund the down payments for.

Some investors even take 75% of the gained equity and cash flow.

THIS investor usually (but not always) will take HALF while giving YOU the other half of the gained equity and cash flow of each deal that you partner in on with him.

CLICK HERE for more details on this.

To be crystal clear, he wants to work with a handful of new students AND THAT'S IT!

CLICK HERE to find out how this whole investor partner process works with this specific investor partner.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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