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Friday, November 02 2018

When I was 14 years old, I aspired to become a bodybuilder.  I remember idolizing the likes of bodybuilders of the time, like Cory Everson, Bev Francis and Rachel McLish.

Then I got a shoulder injury at some point when I was in high school.  It was my right rotary cuff (thanks to not warming up enough one morning); still to this day it bothers me, especially when it's cold outside.

Fast forward 30 years later and I decided to get back into weight training.  No, I'm not going out to place in the Arnold Classic but I really like having a toned body.  And realistically, there's only so far that yoga can take me.

I began building a home gym out of a spare bedroom that I used to use as a home office.  As I was setting everything up, I realized that it was 30 years ago -- almost to the DAY -- that I would have only DREAMED of having such a set up to work out in. 

And now I have it.

I have that...and so much more!

In fact, I can have anything and everything I want because I'm 100% financially free.  And it's due to ONE thing:  REAL ESTATE.

But not just ANY kind of real estate.  Buy-and-hold assets is where the money is at.

Right now, there's only ONE type of real estate investing you should be least between now and through the first quarter of 2019.  CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about.

Listen, you can either get out there and start moving in the real world of investing.  Or you can just start listing off some New Year's Resolutions for January 1st which, as we BOTH know, is just a list that gets thrown in a drawer, never to manifest into anything real.

I decided that I wanted to get my gym up and running.  And when I'm done with 2 upcoming business/pleasure trips through the next few weeks, I'm going to start on a solid 5-week workout regimen so that I can have gained a strong foothold into my fitness goals BEFORE January 1st. 

After all, why wait??

And I strongly recommend you do the same.

What is the benefit of kicking your goals and dreams into next year, just to find yourself in this very point next year -- post-Halloween, pre-Thanksgiving...thinking about starting again on January 1st -- and never gaining any traction toward your financial goals.

STOP IT!  Stop the insanity NOW!

CLICK HERE because I have something quite extraordinary for you.  And this will separate the doers from the tire-kickers.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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