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Wednesday, September 12 2018
The $40,000 Per Month Blueprint...FINALLY REVEALED!
Many of you know (or know of) Beverly-Anne Thiessen...or Bev as we call her around the office.
She's in her 70s and yet she's managed to be able to build an incredible online business using 100% of my Money Funnel and Affiliate Marketing Strategies to the tune of making $40,000 per month...IN PROFITS!
And she's just agreed to come out to my Money Funnel Workshop to show my students EXACTLY what she does to make the kinds of money she's making!
Yes, you're going to meet her if you register for my Money Funnel 3.0 Workshop which is on October 19th, 20th, and 21st!
CLICK HERE to listen to a 10-minute audio seminar talking all about this amazing upcoming event!
What I LOVE about Bev is that she's not one of these older folks who makes excuses about how they can't do this or that because they're, well...old.  She does the work, figures out things that she needs to figure out, and gets it all done WITHOUT ANY EXCUSES.
And that's why she's pumping in $40,000 per month in profits with her little online home-based business.
Why aren't you making this kind of money yet?
Is it because you're full of excuses?  Is it because you can't make the time to devote to building up your funnels without distractions?  Is it because you've never made this a priority?
Now is your time to get away for 3 full days and to MAKE this a priority.
In this LAST EVER Money Funnel 3.0 Workshop, you'll:
  • Have a completed business set up and ready to go by the time you leave!
  • You'll have my most POWERFUL and PROFITABLE Money Funnels in your system to instantly be able to make money with!
  • You'll even have your first online ads placed, possibly seeing your first sales come in before you walk out the door on the last day after the event is over!
Why WOULDN'T you want to come to this?
The only people who won't make the time or effort to come to this simply don't want this kind of financial freedom.  Or maybe there's a sense of "comfort" in being miserable and making excuses.  I don't know.
But this is the LAST event I'm doing of its kind and the ONLY event Bev will ever come out to as she reveals her EXACT blueprint on EXACTLY what she does (step by step) to make $40,000 in profits per month.
Why would you ever want to miss that?
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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