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Monday, August 20 2018
I have a few students making anywhere from $180,000 to over $350,000 per year as bird dogs as I mentioned to you before.
Stanley K. has been a student of mine since around late 2015 when he first got started.  And he initially wanted to invest in multi-family property deals.
Realized that he didn't want to go the 0% down route because the area he was farming in wouldn't allow for any cash flow on the deals he was looking at unless he put at least 20% down.

This is when he decided in 2016 to become a bird-dog.  It was a rocky start at first, mostly because he didn't have the confidence in himself to do this.
"I think I was just telling myself that it wasn't possible," he later told me.  "So after I got your course and went through your mentorship group on bird-dogging, I kind of threw it on the back burner.  And that was a mistake."
This is the very same "replay" conversation I have with many of my successful students who will start the process by getting the education from me, then they'll throw it on the back-burner because they lack the confidence in doing this or life gets in the way somehow.  Then my smart students will go back to it, go through the materials again, and will begin to implement it, throwing their fears aside in kind of a "what-the-hell-let's-do-this-and-see-what-happens" moment.
And for those students, many times they'll hit the jackpot in a big way!
In 2016, Stanley made a little over $36,000 since he started late that year.  But in 2017 he made a staggering $213,000.
So, I had to ask him...Why the big jump from $36,000 to $213,000.
Stanley had this to say about it:  "I didn't actually do my first deal until right after summer ended in 2016 because it took me that long to convince myself that I could do this.  Then in 2017, all I did was work on deals.  I kept my full-time job until I hit the $100,000 mark then I quit.  And that happened in May of last year."
I further asked him EXACTLY how he works with investors and he said, "I just did everything you said to do about finding investors in the course and mentorship group that you did.  It's was all there.  I just had to finally get off sitting on my hands to start doing it."
Well said!
And my final question to him was what he was on track for THIS year.  He said he's ALREADY SURPASSED the $213,000 he made last year BUT...he's going to take the last 3 months off this year (October 1st through December 31st) so he's guessing that he'll "only" clear just over $325,000 for 2018.
Still...not bad!

CLICK HERE to read a quick report on exactly how Stanley and many other have been able to take advantage of this opportunity.

And, oh...

Here's the best part.

I have investors looking for deals right now and I want to connect you DIRECTLY to those investors ASAP.  Including working directly with my star student, Andrew Shaw.

CLICK HERE right now to find out how to become a part of this.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main
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