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Friday, August 10 2018

Last week I told you about the unraveling saga of a guy who I call BONEHEAD.

And there's a reason I call him Bonehead.

You see, he was given an opportunity to work with us doing bird-dog deals except that he:

1)  Refused to go through the package to learn how to do the deals, and

2)  Refused to look at the very simple and comprehensive LIST of deals we are looking for, and

3)  Then blamed ME because he refused to do #1 and #2.


On top of all of that, when I told him that he could just return everything for a refund because it's clear that he's not cut out for this type of thing...

He threatens me.

(By the way, let me mention, all of his threats have been forwarded to my attorney.  We will be filing our libel lawsuit against him once we start seeing his fraudulent complaints come through.  Let me mention one last thing...the LAST time we had to file such a defamation lawsuit, I ended up TAKING somebody's house because of it.  Yes, it was a 3-year lawsuit but I won, ended up filing a judgment on his house for the majority of his equity, and filed for what we call a "forced foreclosure" to have his house taken away.  No, I didn't like doing it.  But yes, it becomes necessary when people was to spew a bunch of slanderous bullshit online and offline about you.  Yes, slander/libel lawsuits are a REAL thing and I'll end up taking Bonehead and his wife to the cleaners because he's a piece of sh**.  And I can't wait!)'s a lesson for both me and know, the SMART ones in this equation.  (Yes, that's you!)

First of all, when you are given an opportunity -- especially a RARE opportunity -- to work with a REAL investor on a deal (whether it's a partnership OR a bird-dog deal), take that SERIOUSLY.  Very seriously.  Act professional.  Be respectful.  Follow the freaking INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED.  (Trust me, folks, it's not that hard.)  And that's all there is to it.  No need to "rock the boat" or create a pissing contest because you'll end up losing.  These wealthy investors will simply turn their back on you to work with somebody who is EASY and a PLEASURE to work with.  It's really that simple!

Listen, a few years ago I ended up striking up a really amazing relationship with an investor who still, to this day, invests in a lot of the deals I do.  And this was a guy I met on a boat (it was more like a yacht) at some party I was dragged (almost unwillingly) to.  I was standing outside looking at the beautiful skyline and this dude (who I didn't even know) came out to smoke a cigar.  We started talking about astronomy, dogs, and that order.  He's a Midwestern guy so between his sarcasm and my dry sense of humor, we instantly hit it off.  When he finally asked what I do -- invest in commercial real estate -- he asked me if I had any deals because all the stuff in LA "never makes any money," he said.  I told him all about how I always invest in passive income assets OUTSIDE of California and he immediately told me that he wanted in on my next project.

We've had a VERY SUCCESSFUL investor partner relationship ever since.

But...what if I was a total sour-puss on the boat, told the guy he was an asshole for smoking a cigar near me, and threatened to type up a bunch of bullshit things about him all around the Internet because I didn't like the ugly Hawaiian shirt he was wearing and that I thought he looked like a fat troll?

The guy probably (and rightfully so) would have thrown me off the boat.

You get REALLY FAR when you rub elbows with people with money and you're -- [GASP, GULP] -- NICE to them.  (Holy moly, what a concept!!)

If you end up being successful and staying in the game of cash flowing real estate, it's necessary to always be professional, courteous, and respectful to the investors your working with because not only will they want to work with you, they'll want to do MORE AND MORE deals with you and it'll be a never-ending gravy train.  However, if you bite the hand that feeds you...well, we all know how that always turns out.

Well, everybody but somebody like Bonehead would know how it turns out.

Recently I had Andrew Shaw send everyone who is on my "inner circle" list an open letter.  He wants to work with you.  Andrew has some pretty sizable assets and the few dozen students he's done DIRECT PARTNERSHIPS WITH in only the past few months have given me NOTHING BUT PRAISES about how life-changing it's been for them!  In fact, Andrew really likes working with my students so he will be participating with facilitating the criteria of what he's looking for in BOTH bird-dog and partnership deals in my upcoming RARE Bird-Dog Mentorship (now starting on Monday, August 27th).  Yes, he's joining us for this RARE Bird-Dog Group where for 2 of the 8 weeks we will be meticulously going over exactly what deals he is looking for, exactly how to put the deals together (including finding the proforma cash flow in a special way that only Andrew does it), and how to present these deals DIRECTLY TO HIM.  Yes, you'll be working DIRECTLY WITH ANDREW most successful student who is now making $170,000 a month in cash flow doing his very specialized type of passive income property deals with commercial real estate.

Can you imagine if somebody like Bonehead were to talk to Andrew like the way Bonehead threatened me?  (First of all, I doubt Bonehead would have threatened a man in that way.  I think losers like Bonehead only pick on women, children and small animals but he'd never pick on a man his own size.  Only abusive men choose to pick on those they deem as "weaker" but will never get out of line with another man.)  Knowing Andrew the way I do, he'd probably send people over to Bonehead's house to have a little chat with him.  And let's just say that these guys he'd send over there for a chat would be -- I don't know -- all over 300 lbs. and would have names like Fingers, Uncle Guido, and Dick the Bruiser.

But that's Andrew.  Not me.

I just have to flick people like Bonehead off like the fleas that they are and move forward with the people who really want to work with me, Andrew and my other investors.  The only thing I have to deal with now is the multi-year lawsuit against Bonehead for the slander/libel case so I'll keep you all posted on that as it happens in real time.  (And I'll let you know when I get to take his house and other assets after I win!)

In the meantime, if you want to work with me, Andrew, and my other investors on getting us deals (for bird-dogging AND partnerships), I strongly suggest that you register now for the Bird-Dog Mentorship Group (starting August 27th).  CLICK HERE for more information.  The group is already getting full and I can only take so many students.  And that's it.  I have to cap it off if I'm going to give everybody my personal attention throughout the 8-week group.

In the meantime, stay awesome!  Even though I end up getting a bad apple here and there in the mix, I still always remind myself that there are loyal students like you who really do appreciate everything that I do.  And that's who I'll keep fighting the good fight for.  Those of you who really appreciate and value the ways I can financially change your life, as I already have for many of you!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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