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Saturday, August 11 2018
Would you believe it if I told you that I had just figured out the SECRET to getting anything and everything you want EVERY SINGLE TIME?
Right now I'm on vacation in South Carolina with my daughter Brie and my friend and right-hand lady, Tori.  (Many of you have talked to Tori on the phone several times.  She's really great, isn't she?)
So, it's amazing what WISDOM can come your way when you finally allow for a body/mind/spirit REBOOT in the form of a long-needed trip away from everything, don't you think?
While I'm in the moment of having discovered this Universal Secret, I'd like to share it with you before I return back to the Asphalt Jungle in a few days.
Recently I FINALLY cut loose something that has been plaguing and disrupting me for way too many years.  There was that "final straw that broke the camel's back" as they say where now...there's no going back.
Each moment that I awake, I feel this INTENSE and IMMENSE sense of gratitude, peace, and awesomeness because of the new life I'm now beginning as I start to write the next new chapter in my life.  The other chapter -- or door -- is now firmly closed and sealed shut behind me, never to be reopened again.
What an amazing time of magic I feel in my life right now.
And this is what happens when you LET GO of the things that are no longer servicing you, the things that are MAKING YOU MISERABLE, and the things that are NOT SERVICING YOU in any way in your life.  Be BRAVE ENOUGH to let it go once and for all, and you'll be able to start your next new chapter of awesomeness too.
But that's not really the Secret I wanted to share with you.  That's part of it, of course.  A HUGE part of it.  Because if you can't or won't get rid of the old then you can't possibly have room for anything new, right?
However, it helps A LOT by first cleaning the slate which will put you in a HIGH VIBRATIONAL STATE to start to attract ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT in your life.
And it'll start to happen AUTOMATICALLY.
You see, the old and wise of centuries past knew this Secret.  In fact, this is the REAL Secret that even the movie (and book) The Secret ACTUALLY LEFT OUT because they didn't want their audience to get too "weirded out" by this Universal Truth and Secret.
So, they COMPLETELY LEFT OUT THE REAL SECRET to getting what you want...
And that really sucks.
In case you missed it, the REAL SECRET is RAISING YOUR VIBRATIONAL ENERGY to where you feel like you can conquer the world.  Even Napoleon Hill talks a lot about this in Think and Grow Rich; interestingly enough this was the part that was CUT OUT of subsequent revisions of the book.
Why is everybody CUTTING OUT the REAL SECRET in all of these "get-what-you-want" type of self-help books?
Who knows?  Withholding it from the public for a "later reveal" maybe?  People think it's too weird?  People think it's too hard to to or to figure out how to do?
I don't know.
So, I'm revealing to you the REAL SECRET and how to use it to GET WHAT YOU WANT in life.
Cut out what isn't working anymore.  That's right.  DITCH IT.  And DITCH IT NOW before it consumes your soul.
Next, within that element of GRATITUDE of finally getting your life back, you'll feel your ENERGY RAISED much higher than you've probably felt in a very long time.  This is much like the feeling of winning the lottery, for example.  You feel like your energy is way up there, like it's a kite flying in the sky.
Except naturally...without the assistance of drugs or alcohol.  (Those things actually LOWER the energy fields...A LOT!)
Once you are in that "high-flying" energy field, you can THEN begin to DRAW IN anything you want.  So, beforehand, it's highly recommended that you FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU WANT with pristine and crystal clear detail so that you can immediately go to this vision once you are at this high energy level.
Then feel that sense of gratitude that this dream or goal that you want WILL come to pass when the time is right.  Trust the Universe that it'll happen WHEN IT'S SUPPOSED TO and let it go...and LET GOD handle it for you!
It'll come to pass when the time is right.
Oh, and one more thing (because this will DESTROY your dream if you do this one thing) and that is HAVE NO DOUBT!  NO DOUBT.  In fact, just FORGET ABOUT IT and let the Universe figure out the best ways for which you can have your dream/goal.
You'll "hear" and "see" visions of inspiration.  This will happen in the form of ideas popping into your head...things you've never thought of before.  And these are inspirations you MUST act on because it's the Universe "talking" to you and "telling" you what you must do to move your dream/goal forward.  (You do have a part to play in this too, you know.)
Remember, NO DOUBT.  The seeds of doubt and frustration will KILL your dream or goal lickety-split!  Doubt is like the weeds in a beautiful garden.  Imagine having a wonderful beautiful garden where all of your dreams are growing ON TIME and ON PURPOSE and then you have a doubt...and all of a sudden thousands of weeds come quickly and from nowhere to overrun the garden...all in an INSTANT.
This is what doubt does.  So, park the doubt and just hold that KNOWING within you that you'll have anything and everything you want WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.  Just know.  And it'll come to you.
For those of you who feel BLOCKED or want to understand how to get into this HIGH VIBRATIONAL STATE at the drop of a coin then you MUST come out to my Inner Success Retreat in Santa Barbara on September 28th, 29th, 30th.  Not only will we help you figure out your blocks (and the stuff you need to rid of your life) but we'll help you blast past them AND show you how to raise your energy to heights you've never you CAN and WILL attract everything you want in life.
CLICK HERE for more details about this RARE event that I'm doing next month.
For those of you who are MEANT to make this'll be there.  For those of you who aren't meant to be there, you won't be there.

This is ONLY meant for you who understand the value in knowing that obstacles to success and wealth are a VERY REAL THING.  And for those of you who are sick of beating your head up against the "invisible barrier" that you can't quite figure out how to work past.
This event is FOR YOU.
CLICK HERE for a brief audio seminar all about it right now and you can decide if you are one of those people who will be there.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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