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Tuesday, August 07 2018
Meet One of Our Successful Bird Dogs...

Rita Correlis made just over $140,000 last year bird-dogging deals for our investors last year.  This year she's just about to meet what she made last year and told me that she'll exceed that amount by early October.

"This is easy!  Much easier than I though it would be.  If anybody can follow instructions and submit the deals to you, they can make money doing this."

That's what I keep telling everybody.  If you can follow a simple set of instructions and submit the deals to us (as per our list of criteria), they can be successful doing this.

So, why aren't MORE of my students doing this?

There are several reasons.

Reason #1:  Laziness.  They just want to hit and they want to send the Loopnet link over without sending over any profit/loss figures, any additional details, or anything that we can't simply just get on our own by, you know, going to Loopnet ourselves.

Reason #2:  Not wanting to LEARN the business of bird-dogging BEFORE submitting deals.  We have a very clear path of success for our bird-dogs if they'd just read through our system or take our mentorship group.  (We have a group starting on August 20th.  CLICK HERE for more details.)

Reason #3:  Being an ass****.  Yes, this is a big one, especially with some of the male students that come through.  They have this old-fashioned way of treating women like dog crap (myself included) when, I hate to be the one to break it to the guys who feel they can get away with this but, I'M the one who gets to decide if the deals make it through or not.  And being a jerk-off means an AUTOMATIC NO for the deals that any jerk-wad decides to submit.  No exceptions.  Why do I do this?  Because when any jerk of a student makes it through the "system," then he'll only give my investors a hard time which will ultimately fall back into my lap as being the responsible one who brought the 2 parties together.  So, anybody who even seems like they're about to be a jerk to me means that they're not of a good quality to find and/or submit deals to either myself or directly to my investors...and these are the losers that I cut bait with INSTANTLY.

CLICK HERE if you want to listen to a powerful audio seminar on exactly how you can become a super successful bird-dog like Rita and the many others that I have who have been working with us for years in successfully finding (and getting paid big fees) for getting these deals to us.
See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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