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Tuesday, May 22 2018

For any of you who might argue that there really isn't a "recipe" for success, think again.  There IS a recipe.

Even my seminar video guy (who you've definitely seen if you've attended ANY of my seminars and workshops since March 2010) decided to take this exact RECIPE and turn it into a $20,000 per month business.  (He talks about it in this video testimonial he shot for me last year that you can take a look at by CLICKING HERE.)

So, what's the recipe?  And what EXACTLY is this recipe for?

Well, I'd like to call it more of a "blueprint" than a recipe.  After all, I can't cook worth a darn and I'm used to working with blueprints on the many rehab and construction projects I've worked on over the past 2 decades.

Recipe, blueprint...WHATEVER you want to call it, I have it for something that I like to call a KTB which is short for a "kitchen table business."

This is NOTHING to sneeze at.  I've actually made MORE from my KTBs than when I took my business into an office/warehouse, hired a bunch of employees, did everything the way I thought I was "supposed to" (according to the business world) and yet found that the vast majority of my profits would begin to EVAPORATE because of all the overhead and expenses.

And that SUCKS when that happens.

So, I tell my students this secret:  "Work your business from your home for as long as humanly possible, outsourcing everything, and keeping ALL of the profits to yourself."

I even recently heeded my own advice by doing just that.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I closed down my office on February 28th of this year and started outsourcing EVERYTHING.

And keeping all the profits to myself.

Just like I showed my video guy -- Jesse J. -- and everyone who has attended what I like to call my "Aggressive Income Business" workshops and seminars, there IS a step-by-step method in creating a KTB.

Even better, you can CLONE MY EXACT KTB without starting anything up from scratch (which is somewhat difficult to do).

What am I talking about?

CLICK HERE and I'll show you EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  This IS the formula to clear a MINIMUM of $20,000 in NET PROFITS each and every month...LIKE CLOCKWORK!

CLICK HERE and I'll show you how it's done!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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