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Saturday, March 31 2018

Last night I took my daughter Brie to her first ever luau in Hawaii.  I've been to these before and they're not my favorite.  They seem to drag on and on.

But I wanted Brie to see the fire throwers.

So we went.  And it was pretty fantastic!

But one thing irritated me while we were there.

As we all entered into the venue, the staff there had us take pictures with a male and female dancer.  This would be for the obvious sales pitch later on where they'd sell the picture to us.  That's fine.  I actually like getting pictures like that.  (I'm not a good photographer so I like having someone take a good picture and to give it to me already printed out and in a frame; I never have time for such activities in my busy life.)

We sat at a table with a lackluster couple from New Jersey with their ill-behaved 6-year-old little boy and a mom and daughter from Chicago.  My hometown.

And there's always an obnoxious guy at the table who found it necessary to be loud, extremely opinionated and bossy.  He was at the other end of the table didn't bother me too much.

The picture sales pitch guy made his rounds.  He hit the New Jersey couple first.  The guy immediately shut the sales pitch down saying, "What a rip off.  I'm not buying that."

Okay, so it was $50 for the entire package of pictures.  It included a framed picture, some refrigerator magnet pictures, a key chain and something else.  It was a pretty beefy package compared to others I've seen.

But what this clown was REALLY saying (at least the way his wife would have interpreted it) was, "For $50, my family isn't worth it for me to get a picture of all of us that will last forever.  They're just not worth it!"

The wife said nothing but I could tell she was mildly disappointed that the cheapskate didn't get the family photo at the luau.  But she kept her lips zipped.

My point: she said NOTHING because she has NO freedom, NO money of her own (obviously) and NO BALLS to stand up to the porker she's married to.  And while she seemed uncomfortable with having lost her freedom, she doesn't feel strong enough to speak out or to say anything.

And that REALLY sucks.

For all of you ladies out there, NEVER lose your freedom!  NEVER!  Especially not for some man.  Please.  Don't make that choice because it's a bad one.

If I was there with a man who would have shut the picture sales guy down, I would have (a) RAISED HELL, (b) IMMEDIATELY REACHED FOR MY CREDIT CARD TO BUY THE PHOTOS, and (c) TOLD THE MOFO I WAS WITH TO NEVER SPEAK ON MY BEHALF OR MAKE DECISIONS FOR ME EVER AGAIN(Needless to say it would be an uncomfortable scene for the man involved if he ever found himself in this position.)

Perhaps that's why I'm single.  Who knows?  (Not many men can handle an independent and strong woman.  And that's really too bad.)

Ron always knew better.  He knew to shut up during sales pitches of ANY kind and he would always let me decide if I wanted it or not.  And he definitely NEVER spoke on my behalf without me getting a say in on whether I wanted it or not.

On the flip side, some men have lost their freedom to their wives.  NOBODY should lose their freedom to a spouse or a significant other.  NO ONE!

And if you're one of those people where you've given up your freedom -- especially because of your spouse holding the purse strings, being the breadwinner, etc. -- then NOW is the time for you to get your freedom back.

Or maybe it'll be the FIRST TIME you have any freedom at all!

It's time for YOU can be the lion that roars when you want something without ANYONE shutting you down otherwise.  After all, it'll be YOUR MONEY and therefore you would have earned YOUR FREEDOM.


I have a way for you to get ALL of your financial freedom...and then some.


This is pretty extraordinary and something that A LOT of you have been asking about and waiting for for several months now!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

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