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Wednesday, March 21 2018

A couple days ago I was telling you the story about Gary -- a student of mine who managed to totally screw up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with investor Andrew Shaw -- because he insisted on not reading a lick of the course materials provided to him nor was he interested in reading the very clearly laid out submission instructions to Andrew Shaw either.

Well the story becomes more interesting.

He called the office on Friday and insisted he now wanted to return his Commercial Cash Flow System.  (You know, the one he refused to read in the first place?)  Evidently the cry-baby didn't like how Andrew Shaw laid it out for him in his response to Gary's list of stupid questions (or "f****** stupid questions" as Andrew referred to it as).

Listen ALL of you: getting involved with REAL PLAYERS in this business is going to REQUIRE you to grow some thick skin and to learn how to take constructive criticism if you are to GROW and SUCCEED as an investor yourself.  And based on what Andrew told me he said to Gary, there wasn't much that I felt was too harsh.  At least not too harsh for any MATURE ADULT to handle.  (Andrew basically told the guy to read the course materials that were provided and to follow the simple instructions.)  Evidently this sent Gary into a boo-hooing tailspin and it was just too much for him to take.  (Succumbing to such easy failure must be his strong suit in life and will continue to be the case until he grows up a little.)

These investors like Andrew want to do deals with you.  But they want to work with smart people who do research, homework, and WORK to make these deals successful.  If you show the smallest indication of weakness, you'll scare of anyone who will want to do business with you including investors, bankers, sellers, brokers, real estate agents, and everybody else in between.  So, maybe this is a painless lesson for you (since you're not Gary).  And that the course materials, follow the directions (especially when submitting deals to investors), be willing to do the research and the work.  It's really THAT simple, folks!  Seriously, it is!!

Meanwhile, I'm working on 2 deals with Andrew as we speak.  One is in the Santa Clarita area and the other is in L.A.  (This is why Andrew came out, to look at both properties.)  Both of these deals can be worth over $10 million EACH within the next 5 years.  So...yes, it DOES PAY to know your stuff, to come off professional (and not like a "stupid f****** bozo" as Andrew would call 'em), and be willing to do what it takes to make a deal work...especially in pulling your weight in the deal.  Even going above and beyond if necessary.

You're lucky.  You didn't lose out on something so valuable as a once-in-a-lifetime million-dollar opportunity to work with somebody like Andrew Shaw.  Because you didn't screw it up like Gary did.  And I hope you NEVER do either!

And you won't as long as you do only 3 things:

1)  LEARN THE BUSINESS OF INVESTING like the back of your hand; READ your course materials and study them as if your life depended on it (because it probably does)
2)  FOLLOW DIRECTIONS that are given to you -- to the LETTER -- if you want your deal to be accepted
3)  BE PROFESSIONAL and not a whiny cry-baby.  Nobody likes a whiny cry-baby, especially if you have a penis between your legs.  (Somehow that's so unbecoming.)

I have another opportunity for you and it involves working with MULTIPLE investors directly.  CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about.

Sorry to be so REAL but...well, the real world is like that.  It's, you know...REAL.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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