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Saturday, March 17 2018
You'll find this funny.  I know my daughter thought it was. 
But for me, it wasn't amusing AT ALL.
Today I went to Walmart.  Yes, I shop at Walmart.  I actually like Walmart.
This is because I'm usually very short on time so when I need to hit a place where I know I can get a blow-up pool float for our upcoming Spring Break vacay in Hawaii, hair ties for my daughter, cat litter, milk and glue sticks for a glue gun among other things...Walmart is the ONLY one-stop-shop I can think of for such an eclectic shopping list.
On my way back home with my Walmart goods, I heard a fly in my car.  You know, that buzzing sound hitting the window, right?  I heard it.  And I asked my daughter, who was in the back seat, "Is there a fly back there?"
"I don't see anything." 
She kept telling me that she heard and saw nothing after I insisted several times that I heard something back there.
A short moment later, I felt something hit the back of my neck and drop down the back of my shirt.  Hoping (rather praying) it was a fly, I awkwardly took my right hand and was trying to feel around my back...while driving, mind you.  I couldn't feel anything...
So I sat back.
And felt a major shooting pain the second I did.
I instantly knew that it was a bee.  (Now praying that it was a bee instead of something else like a hornet.)
And it HURT like hell.  But I kept driving, focusing on the road, and told my daughter that I'd have her check my back when I swung by to pick up my suits that I had wore at the Detroit event from the cleaners.
At the cleaners, my daughter saw my back.  It was beat red.  And the bee fell out onto the floor, dead and crumpled up in a small ball.  I actually felt sorry for the little dude (or dudette). 
I'm pretty sure I had heard this same bee 2 days ago while taking my daughter to art class.  It was stuck in my car and wanted out.  No food or water...and it kind of gets hot in there when the car is sitting in the sun.  And now he was dead, lying in a ball on the floor.  I felt sad for his final demise.
My daughter inspected my back closer and realized that the stinger was still in there.  The cleaner lady offered to try pulling it out with a tweezers; that didn't work.
At home, my daughter worked on my back for 20 minutes with a tweezers, trying to get the stinger out.  No such luck there.
The stinger is still in my back.  Maybe it'll be there forever.  Maybe it'll come out on its own.  Who knows?
What's interesting about this whole thing is that I am deathly afraid of bees, wasps, hornets...and anything else that can fly and sting.
When I was about 5 years old, me and my brother were playing in the back yard.  He was always a very destructive personality.  He was this board strewn over these two cinder blocks, something some kids probably set up years before.  My brother decided to rip the board off the cinder blocks.  When he did this, a full swarm of yellow jackets came ripping out of some unidentifiable place by the thousands.
My brother ran, leaving me there by myself.
I was trying to figure out what was going on...all while hundreds of these bees instantly gravitated and landed on me all within seconds.
I sustained hundreds of bee stings within only seconds to the point where it was the ONLY time in my life where I was in so much pain that my body went into shock and I could no longer feel anything.
I still remember pulling one of the bees off the front of my shirt that was ferociously stinging me and started to squeeze the life out of it.  Then I stopped because I didn't want to kill it.  And I let him go.
(This goes to show that the essence of my being couldn't hurt a fly...or in this case a BEE that was stinging the sh** out of me.)
This is the reason why I'll never own a convertible.  I'm afraid bees or wasps will come flying at me while I'm driving or sitting at a stop light.
Yet my worst fear came true.
I got stung by a bee while I was driving and I kept my cool, felt the pain but kept driving responsibility and safely, and remained clear-headed the entire time.
It kind of makes me wonder about all the other things I've been deathly afraid of that I've avoided because of pure fear that I would be hurt, would fail...or whatever the fear really is.
What kinds of things are YOU afraid of that you've been avoiding...making the fear take over and prevent you from doing things or having things?  All because of fear?
I will always freak out from bees and wasps flying around me because it's just a knee-jerk reaction from my childhood; I don't imagine this will ever change.
But I will no longer feel like I'm going to "die" if a bee stings me...because it happens to land on me while I'm driving, for instance.  It's certainly not worth risking my life over -- by over-reacting -- because of this fear.
I deal with so many students who have some pretty stupid fears.  These fears aren't stupid to them, of course.  But they are pretty stupid.
Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of having to do some work...fear of whatever!
Fear of bees!
All fears that will hold you back...and KEEP holding you back, quite possibly forever unless you decide to move past the fears.
Let the bee sting, keep driving...keep moving toward your goals and your dreams NO MATTER WHAT!
Later my daughter said something cute.  I wasn't wearing green today because I just don't own any green clothes.  Green isn't my color at all.  So she said, "Mom, I know why you got stung.  The bee 'pinched' you today."
Cute.  If the sting still didn't hurt.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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