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Tuesday, February 13 2018
Too Many People Are Stupid Beyond Belief...And I Hope You're Not One of Them!
Last month when I ordered a pizza, for the first time ever it came pretty quick.  I made a comment to the pizza guy about how quick it was in comparison to other times I ordered.  He said that January and February were their slowest months.  I made a comment about how people were still on their temporary "diets" because of the new year and he said...
"No, it's because people didn't get their tax money back yet."

Their tax money?  Because the $5.99 special at Dominoes is so freaking expensive for people that they have to wait for their tax money to buy a freaking pizza?
I shook my head and hoped that the dude didn't have any aspirations above being a pizza delivery guy because, for him, he had maxed out at his current career capacity due to having too many missing brain cells to ever be able to do anything beyond that hauling pizza to people's doorsteps.
And if selling pizza exclusively revolves around people having tax money, why are the other 10 months of the year busy at pizza places?  People are able to hang onto their tax money for 10 months out of the year out in January and February?  Please.  People piss their tax money away lickety-split...many times BEFORE April 15th even arrives by taking a loan out against their expected tax refund's pretty doubtful that they're still buying pizza in September on their tax refund money like the idiot suggested.
Makes me wonder WHERE DID THE LOGICAL THINKING go.  Where did people's brain cells wander off to?  What the hell is going on here??
Then a few weeks ago I get this phone call.  I knew who it was.  It was some wind-bag who wanted to date me almost 2 decades ago who tried contacting me on Facebook, received no response after his multiple messages (until I had to block him)...and then months later got my phone number somehow and decided to call me.
CLICK!  I immediately hung up and blocked the ass***** number.  And if he wants to keep pushing, I'll just have to file a restraining order against him and have the piece of sh** locked up.
Anybody who is too stupid to get the message -- that NO response means, NOT INTERESTED -- then, again, all I can recommend is that he somehow find a handful of brain cells because they must've leaked out of his ear and onto the pillow while he was sleeping.  If I was interested, I would have sought him out years and years ago.  But I didn't.  So there.  Freaking loser.
This kind of stuff doesn't leave me bewildered.  No, instead it just pisses me off.  The audacity!
Then I went to the store this evening and found myself having to bag my own groceries because the dopey girl that was doing it for me wasn't doing it correctly at all.  She was putting 2 to 3 small things in each bag and leaving half or three-quarters of each bag empty
And for those of you who don't live in California, you wouldn't know that we have to buy our bags and we carry our canvas bags into the store with us.  Since I didn't happen to bring a wheelbarrow of 50 bags in with me, I quickly lost patience with this stupid dopey girl who just looked at me with this sappy blank look on her face when I kept telling her to fill up the bags with more stuff as I found myself snatching groceries off the counter and doing it myself.  Maybe she didn't speak English...or...anything for that matter.
I told my daughter not to spend so much time on her devices because it's making people stupid.  REALLY stupid.  And it's not just the Millennial bunch who are being dumbed down.'s happening in ALL age groups.  I see Generation Xers and Baby Boomers glued to their phones just like Millennials are.  And it's ruining people.  Seriously, it is.
It's damaging people on so many levels: psychologically, mentally, emotionally...and who knows how else we're being ruined.  This will be one of these deals in 20 years where -- like packs of cigarettes and bottles of alcohol -- there will be class action lawsuits against Apple and others while the government requires there to be warning labels on all these devices, software programs, and apps.
Long after it's too late.
As people who become addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs, it's usually much too late to quit, even with a useless government-mandated warning label.
This is what we can call the silent epidemic sweeping across the world.  The silent killer.  It's training people not to think for themselves anymore...or to think at all.  And ONLY those who are keeping alert while paying attention to everything happening around them (instead of being glued to a phone or iPad) will not only be able to take advantage of opportunities around them...but they'll ultimately be the handful (by percentage) that actually end up ruling the world.
Are YOU seeing the opportunity around you while everyone else is glued to their phones, walking smack onto traffic while being more interested in the latest video on Facebook instead of whether they get killed by a head-on bus or not?
Or are you the one glued to your phone...too busy to notice ANYTHING of real importance in the real world...while people like me are mopping up all the opportunity?
Just curious.
I absolutely HATE my phone.  And if it wasn't for the convenience of texting (to avoid actually talking to people on the phone), I'd take back my old Motorola flip phone in a heartbeat, just to have in case I need to call for help.  Otherwise the phone sucks and I hardly ever use it otherwise.
Your personal habits with your phone can and will forecast exactly where you will be in the next 5 years of your life.  If you're a phone junkie -- like one of the many people that just walk in front of my vehicle, not paying attention, within only inches from me smacking them with my bumper, and they STILL don't notice that they're about to get creamed by my car -- then I can tell you about your future: you don't have one.
But if you're like me who HATES the phone, avoids using it whenever possible, lets probably way too many calls go to voice mail, and would rather WAIT to get to a desktop or laptop to check emails instead of refreshing emails on your phone every 3 minutes...then you have a bright future ahead.
Not only is it bright'll easily get one over on everybody else because, well...there's no more competition in the world anymore.  Everybody else is too busy hitting the like button on the latest kitty video on Facebook or taking a selfie with their taco salad lunch with the hopes that they get 100 "likes" (otherwise they'll feel depressed if they don't).
You know who else hates the phone...?
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Your mentor,
Monica Main
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