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Saturday, January 13 2018

Have you ever thought to yourself:  what is the BEST way to get funding for a new start-up business or to get a down payment on a nice cash flowing apartment building deal?

Did you ever think... "Hey, maybe I should go to a bank?"

If you've ever thought that, STOP thinking that right now.  Banks are NOT where you get money, quite contrary to popular belief.

Most successful business owners and real estate investors KNOW that banks and mainstream lenders is NOT where you get money for your deals. 

Especially now. 

Why especially now? 

Because banks are now tightening up on lending because they're bracing themselves for a replay of 2008.  Now, I don't think it'll be as bad as 2008 but we're definitely going into a recession as we have yet ANOTHER sub-prime credit bubble burst coming our way.  (Yes, ANOTHER one, believe it or not.  You'd think we would have learned our lesson the first time but evidently we didn't.  Greed makes people forget a lot of things relatively quickly!  Ask any of the CEOs who walked away with millions while people lost their life savings back in 2008.  They'll say, "What happened in 2008?  I don't remember anything happening in 2008.  What did I miss?")

There is a VERY UNIQUE set of ways in getting funding for just about ANYTHING you want funding for.

Want to make a movie?  I can show you how to get the money for it.

Want to start a new internet business?  I can show you how to get the money for it.

Want to get money for a down payment on a nice profitable cash flowing property?  I can show you how to get the money for it.

And each way -- depending on WHICH you'd choose above -- would require a DIFFERENT way of getting the money.

And NONE of those ways include filling out a loan application at a bank or with your run-of-the-miller money lender/broker.

I have an 8-week 100% online mentorship group coming up which starts on Tuesday, January 16th.  This is a group that I've NEVER done before and -- after it's completion on Tuesday, March 6th -- I won't be repeating this group ever again.

Each week we will cover tested-and-proven ways for you to GET MONEY FOR DEALS regardless of that that "deal" would be.  These strategies will RANGE from tapping into personal and business credit to more advanced methods of getting multi-millionaire and billionaire investors to invest in your deals including business start-ups and real estate transactions.  And, of course, there's everything in between.  I will only be covering GET MONEY FOR DEALS strategies that are (a) easy to do...easy enough for ANYONE to successfully pull off, and (b) that have been tested-and-proven to work time and time again provided that all the very basic steps are followed.

Because think about it, you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT go to a bank or mainstream lender for ANY type of money you need, whether it's a signature loan or a commercial mortgage on a property deal.  You simply cannot and should not use these sources because it's so hard to qualify, even during a GOOD economy.  Imagine how hard it'll be when all the sh** hits the fan with the sub-prime bubble officially bursting all over the place.  This is when it'll go from "very difficult" to "impossible" to qualify for these types of loans.  (And if you don't remember what it was like to get rejected by mainstream lenders and banks, just remember what it was like trying to even get an unsecured credit card while having a 750+ FICO back in 2009.  Yeah...THAT difficult!)

CLICK HERE to register for this VERY RARE and ONE-TIME-ONLY 8-week online mentorship group now before we fill up!

Now, remember, this is conducted 100% online.  Even though we do weekly live trainings which will happen in the afternoon every Tuesday (for 8 weeks, starting January 16th), you don't have to be present for the live training.  I record each training and I post it on a Member's Only access page (that you'll have a user name and password to access).  This is where you can see the training, download any applicable materials, and download your Action Sheet which MUST be completed AFTER you watch the training but BEFORE the following week's webinar training takes place.  This way everybody stays completely on track with everything.

Again, this Get Money For Deals Mentorship Group will ONLY be run ONE TIME and that's it.  This is for ALL of you who want to be able to continue investing and building a business during our upcoming financial crisis by having constant access to cash while everybody else simply WON'T.

CLICK HERE to register now!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  We've filled up with Platinum VIP for the Detroit Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar on March 8th, 9th, and 10th.  However, you can register as a Gold VIP and pay an extra fee to attend all 3 days since the 3rd day (March 10th) will be a SPECIAL Get Money for Deals Workshop!  CLICK HERE to get registered NOW!


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