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Monday, December 11 2017

It just FLOORS me when some people call my office and INSIST on acting like an asshole on the phone.  Of course, this doesn't apply to everyone but it does apply to A LOT of you...which is pretty unfortunate, and here's why:

Case in point, just last week I had a jerk-off call my office demanding to know where his Real Estate Cash Flow System was.  On that flash sale we had between Black Friday and Cyber Monday...we actually SOLD OUT of Real Estate Cash Flow Systems within the first HOUR of the sale.  So, of course, we had to order more from my printer who ALWAYS takes a solid 7 days to get us more courses.  (Imagine Sean Penn's character from the movie Fast Times as Ridgemont High and that's the general demeanor of my printer.  He's NEVER in a hurry...let's just put it that way.)

Most people are willing to wait because it only takes a week to get them back into our warehouse.

But then there's that one dickhead who DOESN'T want to wait, calls my office DEMANDING the course, and then scolds my staff because we sold out and "should have had more on make sure you tell Monica that."

First of all, I have no control over how many units of a product we sell.  PERIOD.  There is absolutely NO WAY to measure it.  So, my advice for people like him (who decide to wait within MINUTES of the end of a sale to place an order) is to order EARLIER so you can get the first batch of product we have on hand.  We have a STRICT policy: FIRST IN, FIRST OUT.  Those who place orders first get their product shipped first.  It's really that freaking simple, people.

Of course, there's the alternative.  Go somewhere else!

Oh, wait!  My bad!!  You CAN'T go somewhere else to get the Real Estate Cash Flow System WITH my special all-cash investor because I have the ONLY ACCESS to this particular money guy who is giving up CASH FUNDS for flip and rehab deals.  So, it's either wait a week for something that's SO VALUABLE that I should be charging at least 4 times the price...or don't get the resource at all.  Very simple choice.  No need to be a jerk about it.  Just make a choice.  Very easy peezy!

I just don't understand people who want to give others -- especially those of us in the business of trying to help you -- a hard time.  It doesn't pay off.  Having an attitude like that doesn't get you anywhere.

Of course, this does NOT apply to all of you.  In fact, it doesn't apply to MOST of you, as many of you are very nice to me and my staff.  (And I greatly appreciate it!)  Especially those who have been sending blessings and prayers of safety due to our ongoing fire problem here in Southern California of which we're still in the middle of as I write this.  Thank you!

But the reason I'm mentioning all of this about attitude and people calling my office being rude is that Rose, my main right-hand lady, just lost her brother to a massive heart attack this past Friday and the last thing she needs or wants is a jerk-off on the phone bitching about something that she has no control over.  So, please don't do that.  Instead, how about getting into the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT and being nice to least until the first of the year.  Then you can go back to being surly and rude again if you choose.

My recommendation, be happy!  Life's too short to be sad or miserable.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Inventory Blow Out is ENDING this week.  We ran out of a lot of stuff but we still have some basement-bottom prices on some kick-ass products so we can make way for our 2018 inventory.  CLICK HERE to jump on these deals before they're all gone!

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