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Thursday, November 30 2017
Look What You're Missing...
Did you register for the upcoming Detroit event in March 2018?  If not, there's still time to take advantage of the BOGO deal and early-bird pricing...which ENDS TODAY at 5pm PST.  CLICK HERE to register for only $100 to save your spot if you haven't already.
They say that people don't want to attend events anymore because they'd rather sit at home with their thumb up their ass...watching it on DVD or "live streaming" from their computer.
Meanwhile, the people who DO come out get to network, have fun, AND set up their future with power players who end up doing REAL DEALS in the REAL WORLD together because, after all, this is what naturally happens when people network together.  You find business and investing partners, have fun, and create bonds for life that could ultimately name you very wealthy.
It's getting down to this in our NEWEST Economy (as our economic conditions shift once again).  You have to have an edge.  And here's how you do it:
1)  Knowledge and education.  You can't just jump into something without knowing what you're doing.  And even if you read a book about a subject or went through a course, chances are that if some time has gone by, the game has changed again.  You have to keep up on the latest and greatest strategies if you're going to win in this Newest Economy!
2)  Connections and resources.  You've heard it before, right?  "It's not what you know, it's who you know."  Not anymore.  It's what you know AND who you know to get that winning success edge in the Newest Economy.  And without getting off your ass to show up, every time imaginable you'll MISS OUT on meeting the right people and making the right connections that you'll need if you want to be successful, especially as a real estate investor.
3)  Opportunity.  I offer some of my very best investor opportunities at these events and I do this for a reason: to get my most SERIOUS investing students involved in these.  Those who aren't able or willing to get off the couch to come don't deserve to be able to take advantage of the opportunity.  And in this case, it's not any different.  In this event, all attendees will be able to take advantage of a BRAND NEW bird-dog / property scout opportunity with a new investor out of the Phoenix area.  He is actively looking for bird-dogs to find apartment buildings anywhere in the U.S.A. of 100 units or more at a seasoned 90% occupancy level with a CAP rate of 8.5% or higher.  He'll pay up to 3% of the total purchase price for deals that close.  And he wants deals NOW.  Only those who show up will get "clued in" on exactly what he's looking for, a super simple way to find these days, and how to submit them for your best chance at getting accepted.  Those who don't show up won't get the opportunity.
Let me make a quick note about these opportunities: I first started offering these rare exclusive opportunities at my events a handful of years ago.  My very first opportunity was one where I had a couple of investors from India who had $25 million to invest in commercial assets here in the United States.  They ended up doing over $35 million in deals with my students.  About a dozen students who showed up and followed through with the instructions provided made a ton of money.  Three of those students ended up becoming multi-millionaires because of it.
All because they decided to SHOW UP and to IMPLEMENT what was given.
I've already gotten emails from students who have asked me about participating without showing up.  The answer is NO.  Again, you show our interest by attending the event and learning everything you need to know to make your deals work.  If you're not interested in doing that then you're wasting my time and my investors' time.
Today is the last day to get (a) the early-bird pricing deal, and (b) the BOGO (bring a guest FR*EE) deal.  After today, you'll be paying for a guest and you'll be paying a higher price.
CLICK HERE to register now.  It's only $100 to hold your spot, hold your pricing deal, and get your guest in FR*EE.
Remember, nothing in your life changes until YOU MAKE THE CHANGES.  And to make changes, sometimes it just starts with simply SHOWING UP!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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